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How Much Whey Per Shake/Per Day?

Hello, i want to stop eat meet for this summer, i would like to know how much whey we can take in a shot and how much in a day we can , the (limits) because i guess that is not so good to take to much quantity in a same day, thank and if ur gym club is also close, good training in ur house

Um… what ?

I would like to stop eating meat this summer. How much whey can we take in per day and in a sitting? I have heard that too much may not be good. Thank you, and if you’re training in your home gym currently due to Coronavirus restrictions, I hope you have good training sessions.


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You can have as much as you can stomach.

After 2 shakes… I have major bathroom blowouts. Often horrible gas and pain too lol

Doesn’t really matter how much Whey you take.

Meat is not necessarily “healthier” than Whey. Meat also has elements that are not good for the health, too much meat is also not good long term, but hey we are bodybuilders.

Taking whey instead of meat is not that bad, but you might get an upset stomach or sometimes (Toilet runs) if you drink it a lot.

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I think that would totally depend on what your current meat intake is in protein grams and whether or not you want to replace all of that with whey.
I typically consume a protein shake when I first wake up totalling ~40-50 grams of protein and use a combination of whey and micellar casein. I’ll consume another 40-50 grams of whey protein split between pre and intra workout and then ~50 grams of protein at around bedtime using micellar casein in a mixture of water and milk. So that’s ~ 130-150 grams of protein per day split between 4 servings but for you it might be less depending on the amount you got from meat that you are looking to replace.
Whey is relatively fast absorbing so you may want to use some type casein protein powder for a slower absorption, like around bedtime and the whey more around your workout times.

  1. Eat real nutrient dense food
  2. Only use whey post workout
  3. If you just use a powder use something that isn’t absorbed as fast like a casein

Best advice I can give bud

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I’d say use it before training…

Thank flappinit for the translation, i didn’t have so much possibility to work/improve my english, so i lost a lot unfortunetly, but i will try to change that, of course i can work in my house now, just i need to speak/write more with peoples.

Ok ok dragon, for the moment my body weight is 68 kilo so 68 x 1,7 proteine, i will continu to eat eggs for sure, just i dont know really now for the moment how much i will need, but i think that i will follow your advice, i want to stop to eat meat but i don’t want lost so much when i will change my alimentation, of course i think that i will not progress that if i eat meat but i accept this fact.

i will need maybe 1 shaker 50 grams of protein maybe that will be enough, iam not heavy for the moment so i will let you know when i will start to stop eat meat, when you count the protein did u take everythings of your alimentation ? for a good calcul.

So if i understand u take 4 shaker ? but why directly in the morning ? even if you eat some eggs and so on, beacause if u eats in the morning eggs with 50g protein it is easy 65 ~ isn’t to much ?

My idea it is something like that


  • 4 eggs

  • 150g bread/Jam

-30 g almond, nuts…

-fruits a lot

-30 g protein

last shaker 40g protein before to sleep or in my work so 2 time. all of the time with a bit oatmeal and red fruits salad.

All of the time you mixte micellar ? in all of your shaker ? ( 4 ) when u training so half before training and half after the training, and you eat like 2h after ~ just because iam curious about the absortion of protein, how the body absorbed that, how much space between a meal and a shake is good, thank all of you for your advice, all of the time people are nice here.

i know but if i stop to eat meet i will maybe need 2/3 shaker maxium with casein, dragon explain that good.

After the rest of my diet will be good, paleo and so on, i read some good book about the alimentation, i will try to have a 90% good food, so if a take 2/3 shaker i think that will be ok ^^

I use the protein powder first thing in the morning to get a quick 40-50 grams in my body and so I can just drink my morning coffee and play on the computer for a bit. Then about 1 1/2 hours later I’ll eat 4 scrambled eggs mixed with spinach and a piece of multi-grain toast. Pre-workout I’ll have around 25 grams of whey protein and around 30 grams of carbohydrate powder, either Vitargo or maltodextrin. Intra workout around 20 grams of whey and another 30 grams carbohydrate powder. Post workout I’ll have a large (1/4 - 1/3 lb) turkey sandwich. Then I’ll eat dinner a few hours later, usually meat, potato, vegetable. And then 50 grams micellar protein mixed with milk, water, banana right before bed.
I weigh around 184 lbs at 5’9" and a little over 20% body fat.
20-30 yrs ago I used to read in the bodybuilding magazines how your body could only “use” around 20 grams of protein per meal but that theory has pretty much been debunked.

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what is carbohydrate powder or vitargo ? intra= while the training.

" 20-30 yrs ago I used to read in the bodybuilding magazines how your body could only “use” around 20 grams of protein per meal but that theory has pretty much been debunked."

ok ok i will do something like u, just in my usual breakfast i will add whey in the same time.
so 3 shake by day for the begining when i will stop to eat meat and i will see like that how is it. Before i was thinking that isn’t good to mixte “normal” breakfast with whey for the stomach.

i will follow that, and use only micellar before to sleep and whey morning/daytime
Slow absorded in the night are better for the catabolism nocturn, it is for that, that is better to take this one before to sleep ?
i want take some weight so maybe that will help also

for the moment i eat 2700 kcal, i will see how i will grow, my metabolism is really fast

thank i will read that, if you have a hard work and while the training what did u will take for “help” something really useful, some peoples says that bcaa don’t really work,and maltodextrin i will search information about that, all of the time i just drink water while the training

It’s really hard to tell what’s working and what’s not. I think the 2 things that helped me the most was increasing my total protein intake to make sure I was getting at least 1 gram protein per lb/bodyweight and using the carbohydrate powder pre and intra-workout. I started doing this a few months ago and my progress has significantly increased. Although to be perfectly honest that was also about the time I quit drinking mass quantities of beer…ha ha ;^ )
I tend to take everything under the sun and go on faith…creatine, arginine, BCAA’s with citrulline malate, curcumin, polyphenols, adrenal support, magnesium, zinc, Vit B complex and C, extra B6 and B12, etc

" It’s really hard to tell what’s working and what’s not."

iam agree with that, usually i just use omega 3, creapure creatine i start also, vitamine i don’t need for the moment, so i don’t want depend of to much complement, just a bit, my favorite are Glycine Zma creatine omega 3 that’s all, but a drink intra the workout and if i work maybe that can to be a good idea

Beer is the truth powder _