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How Much Weight Will I Put On?


look as a total newbie to lifting (even though i have lifted for a year and gained 22lbs)
i have a simple question
im one of those 165lbs 16 year old 5 foot 9-10 kids who are just wondering
if i was to eat over 3000 calories, over 200 grams of protein
how much weight would i be looking to put on using the program im on at the moment
at the moment im using bill starr's 5x5, if u would like further detail on the program its self im willin to describe it to you, but expect people would already know

my lifts are (6 rep):
165lbs squat
187lbs deadlift
121lbs bench
70lbs shoulder press
121lbs pendally row

im on the 5th week of bill starrs 5x5
been eating around 2500 calories and 170-200 grams of protein

the question is, wat results would i be seeing by boosting my food intake alil more?
how bad could my bf go to? (im at i think 16-18% bf now), would i be easily able to hit my goal of 187lbs?

Additional Information: I play Australian Football League (alot of running involved) meaning i do football training every tuesday/thursday running around 4-5k those nights, play games on sundays
i do weight training for the program on monday/wednesday/friday
i use my free weights at home, do not have access to a gym at the moment or instructors
my year was doing 5 day splits consisting of 2 muscle groups per day: eg chest/triceps monday, back/biceps tuesday..... with the 5th day as a rest day
my only complete rest day is a saturday
bill starrs 5x5 im going off goes for 12 weeks, im on the 5th

i packed this thread full of info so i hope to get a good answer in return, thanks in advance
any other tips would be great


Honestly, nobody can predict that.


2500 Calories is not enough. 3000 may not be enough either. You're just going to have to find out for yourself.


Can't tell really. Find out your maintenance in calories first, then add up from there.

As long as you eat over maintenance you'll gain weight.


i state it another way
if i was to just stick at 170grams of protein per day
would it make that much of a difference if i add 30?

extra questions:
is there a great number of calories and protein to hit to help my lifts progress faster?
should i constenting eat, working days and rest days at the same rate?
will my cardio through footy cause me too much muscle stress?
would eating more lessen the stress if there is more?

by the end of bill starr's 5x5 (12 weeks) its expecting me to lift 220lbs deadlifts, 198lbs squat....etc
but my footy already put me back a week due to muscle strains in my upper right trap and left calf
should i be doing a different program during footy season?, to be honest im getting stronger through it so i don't see the point in stopping

and last of all, after ive done a 5x5 for 12 weeks, should i keep going with it for alil longer to meet lifting goals or switch programs to stimulate growth?
if change wat would u suggest as a program?

it is more then one question but hey
newbies have alot of questions


as a 16 year old i kinda can't find the exact amount of protein and calories in my meals cause all are cooked for me by my parents and they support me lifting but not that much to make meals around me (i do have protein shakes and have counted the amount of protein i eat during a day without dinner included to around 160-170, and anything after dinner wasn't counted either so i expect to be eating around the numbers ive been saying)
i just eat large portions of what im given and aim to eat foods with protein in them, nothing too fatty with no protein(very pointless to eat that shit)
im not too sure how many calories i would burn per day, i could probs find out by working out how many calories i would burn either during a workout of during football training but i would need to know how many calories over the amount i burn i should be eating to help me understand what calorie numbers i need to hit


At 16, you are worrying way too much about numbers. Right now, focus on progressing each week. Keep a training log, and make sure each week your numbers are going up (either weight and/or number of reps). As far as eating, just make sure you are damned full after every meal of the day. This is alot simpler than you are making it. Our bodies are not machines that burn the exact same number of calories every day and need the same number in every day.

Hopefully, you will look back at this thread a few years from now and chuckle at how silly your question is.

Also, I have no idea why you are training like a bodybuilder for athletic performance. Check out some of Eric Cressey's work.


im training to get stronger at footy, aswell as get a overall strong physique
im not going crazy on anything
but i do have rather low lifts when u look at them
my lifts are going up


You are doing the correct exercises for gaining mass, and as long as you are working out hard, it's not necessary to be in the gym for more than an hour three days per week. Your muscles will be stimulated to grow.

Now you just need to feed your muscles. Eat as much food as you can, don't worry so much about x grams of protein per day. Honestly, carbs will make you gain weight, not really the protein. One surefire way to gain weight that I use is drinking tons of whole milk. Think 1/2 gal to 1 gallon per day. In the past year, I've gained about 20 pounds mostly by consistently drinking milk and lifting.

If you are up for a challenge, do the squats and milk program. You should gain 10 pounds in two months or so minimum if you follow the program, drink your milk, and eat like a madman.


What the others have said.

Don't worry about minutiae.

Your lift numbers should move up as you progress with the program. Don't force them up, but go for a 5# per workout progression on all lifts.

If you want a good beginner's program, the Stronglifts 5x5 works well. You're aiming for 1.5x BW for squat, 2x BW deadlift, about 1x BW bench, and about 0.75x BW press. Don't worry if you're not dead on all of those, they're rough guidelines and your own body leverages can result in different results. As a lighter guy you'll probably end up with bigger rather than smaller numbers. Toss in pull-ups as well.

Read the site, it's http://www.stronglifts.com -- lots of good info on what to eat.

As far as how much of various macronutrients you're getting, you can pretty much go by weight and start sussing out how much is going into different meals and dishes. Or start helping your mom with the cooking -- you'll learn how (it's a good skill) and get a better idea of what's going into your meals. Adding 1/2 to 1 gallon of milk will also help.

At 16, you're starting to enter the most anabolic years of your life (17-27 or so), and you've got plenty of time in front of you. Don't worry about it, keep lifting seriously, and learn from what you're doing.


Focus more on your lifting than your weight right now. Aim for the next 5lbs or so on the bar each week.

If you raise calories before your body demands it (i.e. lifting heavier and heavier weights), you'll just get softer (gains in fat will outweigh muscle gains). This is likely the reason why you still look un-developed muscle-wise, because the 25lbs weight gain was mostly fat?

Eat enough to feel satisfied, but not over-stuffed...not if you really are close to 18% bodyfat. If you ARE 16-18% bf (how did you measure?), then an extra 5-10lbs would be the limit before concentrating on a little fat trim.

Also, keep the protein high. That's one of the "secrets" to lean gains and strength gains without too much additional fat. So yeah, if you do want to put a little weight on, throw in a few extra protein shakes. While gaining strength/size, 1.5g of protein per lb in leanish bodyweight is good - so for yourself, it'll be somewhere between 200-240g/day

Once again, I would stress not majorly bulking at this point, depending on actual bodyfat/pictures, and just eat over maintenance (plenty protein), while keeping the intensity high in the gym (beat PR's each week)


i estimated my bf through wat a mate got in my PE class where half my class did the bf test he got 12, most of my fat is around the oblique lower ab region, my arms have pretty much no fat
i do look a lot bigger then i was through only gaining about 20-25 lbs, gets mentioned all the time

another big question ive got is, i torn my calf muscle (i would be alil more discrete with wat muscle but ive forgotten wat its called) in football on sunday
now i thought this may be because of a lack of muscle in the calf compared to my quads/hamstrings
i seem to strain my trap fairly often too
would they just be muscle imbalances?
also should i be thinking of doing a different workout routine during football season because of the stress it puts on my body, and do bill starr's 5x5 during the off season for rapid gains?
i could gain alot more weight if i didn't have the mass amount of cardio through football

i may just eat regular amounts per day (3 meals, 2-3 snacks) with alot of milk for the beneficial protein, calcium and fat in it

i will also probally aim to get my lifts up to wat was mentioned above
2x BW deadlifts, 1.5x BW squats, 1x BW Bench and .75x Bw shoulder press
everything is started to get there slowly
thanks to everyone for the feed back and if i could get some more help on my routine during football season question it would be much appreciated

Additional Info: Australian Football League for those who don't know is pretty much like being a Receiver, the man who defends against the Receiver and the kicker in one
aka a lot of running, kicking, tackling and prevention of your opponent getting the ball
(only mentioned this to any american who didn't have a clue wat football i was talking about and also to help with a routine u guys would get me to do during the football season)


Can't comment on the torn muscle really, on the surface though, I'd say it's just your body getting used to the added weight and development etc

Wouldn't be too concerned with changing programs often. Strength programs don't change dramatically anyway (usually always training 3-4x/week). The difference will be that during the off season you'll be pushing for better strength/bodyweight jumps.

You could look into Westside/Wendlers 531 training, they're better routines to be on long term.


i'd strongly recommend you buy a book written by a strength and conditioning coach called Michael Boyle. Its called functional training for athletes. As far as sports specific training and to help with your football i think this would really help. Just a tip