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How Much Weight When Bulking?


How much weight do you generally try to gain in a week's time?


i go for 1lb a week. you can do less, or more. but i find that if i stay around there i can make gains without getting much fatter.


I shoot for the same, but the overall focus is making sure that my weight is increasing along with my overall strength in most areas.


Thanks guys. I've been putting on 2lbs a week for the past 2 weeks, and thought that was a little much, I'm hoping for around 1 lb/week which I did this past week.


I always heard 3-5lbs a month at the most. I usually stuck to that or less depending on what my overall goal was.


I have gained 60 since june,which is around the 1-3lbs a week,but I don't mind if i get a little fat since i can always cut later


Damn! How much have you had to increase your caloric intake from June and now?

I seem to be putting on weight with 3500-3800 calories, hoping that level will work nicely for a while (to help save on the grocery bill, lol).


I started my "bulking" phase back in November. I was 185lbs. As of this morning, I'm 205. 20lbs in 12 weeks works out to about 1.5 pounds per week. This seems to have been working nicely for me, as my BF% has gone up very little. I found in the beginning, I was averaging a 2-2.5lb per week gain, but was putting too much around the middle, so I cut it back a bit.

For me, this all translated into about a 500 cal per day increase in food intake. 3500 per day seems to be my "sweet spot" for putting on weight, 3000 seems to be my "maintenance". I must admit however, my gains have been slowing, so I'm figuring it's time to either up the cals again, or start trimming down SLOWLY for summer, hehe.


I have to agree with the rest of the guys here, 1 pound a week is about where you want to be. Maintain that as long as what you're seeing in the mirror coincides with your goals. Don't even worry about bodyfat percentages right now, you're going to gain a little fat as you gain muscle.


I think that's about right once you've hit a decent level of development and have been lifitng for awhile. Newbies can put on 20 lbs, almost all muscle, in 6 weeks.


damn. I thought my 30 since June was good. How much fat did you add? My bodyfat has stayed roughly the same.


to answer your questions

how much more calories-from 3k to 4.5-5k,i can gain at 4k a day but it feels like im spent more

how much fat-uh actaully i have really only gained a very small gut,and that was only afer i broke 190,I've been trying to work my chest more though since it always laggs

but my srength keeps going up and i like it,though i dont think i could have put on as much if the program wasnt as demanding as it is,I'm doing advanced german volume training,after sun/mon i'll be in the 10x3 part and nearly done,PM me if you wanna know anything else since i dont have time to get much right now