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How Much Weight Should I Take Off My Bench Press

Basically , I have been on the Rippetoes programme since the end of September. I am a newb and this is a summary of the workout I have just had:

Squat: 85kg 3x5: I am starting to feel it being quite heavy now. The final set is not pleasant. Last week I failed on 85kg as I did 5,4,4 reps. This week, I managed 5,5,5. However, I felt the form was off in places (my spotter said i managed to hit below parallel but i’m going to take a vid next time).

Deadlift: 90kg 1x5: This was easy. I didn’t really break a sweat.

And now, the Bench Press.
Ohhhhh, the bench press :s . 52.5kg 3x5: My form was awful, i was doing half reps for sure. I don’t know how much weight I should take off because I know that I have gone wrong somewhere. The bar was only going half or three quarters of the way down and I have been cheating myself for 2 sessions now.
(My press progress is at 35kg 3x5 at the minute)

I know these questions are noobish, but i’m just really quite frustrated over the bench press, i really suck on it!

Above all else, you should read the book. That will give you a lot of answers about this program, since that’s where the program is explained.

For your bench:

What you’re doing now is not bench pressing. I would suggest you start your 3x5 with just the bar. It may seem unneccessary but you have no idea how much you can bench, since you aren’t benching. And since you’re using Starting Strength, your numbers will go up rapidly.

Also, in general, eat more. This will keep you making progress for much longer.