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How Much Weight Loss per Wk/Month?


A friend of mine read that IS un-healthy to lose more than 2-4lbs a week. Trust me, this is not me, I am still trying to gain weight. Said friend has lost roughly 30lbs already, has cut calories and is doing very mild weight trianing with lots of cardio. Said friend is still considered overweight, and is overweight. According to my Dr, I am obese at 5ft 5in and 211lbs.

If you look at me I am mostly muscle. Said friend blew up at me when they said they wanted to lose 10lbs in the next month, and I said "you could lose 16lbs if you really put in the work". Said friend went on to say that I was crazy and that losing that much weight in month is un-healthy. So I thought I would come here and get some opinions.


Walking around fat is unhealthy. Getting the weight off is taking a step in a healthy direction.

What's the debate? Losing 10lbs is healthy but 16 isn't? How about 13?

How many fat angels can dance on the head of a pin?



everyone is different.

as long as he is on a MODERATE caloric deficit and isnt spending 40 hours a week on the treadmill the amount of weight lost per week isnt that big of a deal. as long as the scale is moving the in the right direction then why worry about it?


Well, the person is a she, and her calories are around 1200.She is doing mainly walking/running and some p90x type like videos with some minimal weight training. She is a vegitarian and eats pretty damn healthy. I agree with you both, about as long as the weight is dropping that it is a good thing. I made a statement to her about being able to lose 16lbs by next month and she got all bent out of shape.

Said that I did not know what I was talking about and that that much weight in a month is un-healthy. I just wanted some extra opinions to go with mine. People tend to read things that the mainstream have put out there and easily buy into it. Like I said at my height and weight I am obese, according to the masses. OH GOD, I SHOULD DIET RIGHT NOW!!


She eats "pretty damn healthy" but is still overweight after already losing 30lbs?


well now days.. She has finally "seen the light" about eating healthy and living healthy. She got to a point of not liking herself which lead to her change for the better. She is still in the learning process of all this, I was happy to hear she even picked up a weight!


ok cool.

Yeah I would just try to be encouraging. People like us know that its a life long thing and that it takes time/discipline but when you're a newbie like she is (and a girl which will make her more emotional) you're not going take the criticism well.

Just be positive with her and remember that when you're first starting out that you get hung up on details like "only 10lbs or less a month" ya know?


If she's no longer obese and just in the overweight range, I would say losing 16 pounds in a month is not even remotely realistic for a female, so I would be inclined to agree with her.

She's already been dieting so it's not like she'll get a big flush of water and glycogen in the next month. Her maintenance levels at this point are probably 1300-1700 calories a day (unless she is a giant). At 16 pounds, we're talking about a calorie deficit of around 1800 calories per day. From diet alone she will only be in a 100-500 deficit.. so in order to drop 16 pounds of fat we're looking at 2-4 hours of cardio a day, 7 days a week.

Guys with weight training experience can drop weight much faster because their maintenance levels are typically 1.5-2x higher than women (depending on how much muscle they are carrying). It's not a question of effort but simply of testosterone and lean body mass.


It's a number that came out quite a few years ago. If you lost more then two pounds a week, you are probably loosing muscle mass.

It's a number, like the BMI. It's made for the masses.

I think the first time I read about that was in Muscle and Fitness back in the 80's.