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How Much Weight is is Possible to Gain in a Year?


We're talking muscle mass here, any old fool can eat like a pig and get some love handles. I am currently starting out, 21 years old, 190 lbs, 6"2 and i want a realistic goal to be shooting for in january 2012. Comments and suggestions much appreciated!






isn't this a bit ambitious? for a year anyway?


put your mind to it and eat 'fairly' clean- you can put on weight pretty easily, even if you have a high metabolism = get a good mass gainer like MHP up your mass- drink a lot of whole milk


stop making a million threads and go to the gym.


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everyone else, thanks for the info


Not for your height, you would be surprised in how much muscle mass you can gain if you keep everything consistent for a whole year.




230-240lbs is absolutely possible for you in one year, provided you do things right (and that includes not panicking over gaining some fat). I went from 170 to 210 in my first year without gaining very much fat at all. Here's a link to my first year's progress thread:

You are not 18% bodyfat. Stop using those electronic devices, they suck. Get a decent pair of calipers and learn how to use them. I would guess you at about 13%.

Try to gain one pound per week, eating fairly clean at first, and when the going gets tough, get as dirty as you need to.


stop being a huge pussy and go lift weights and eat food


well that's encouraging that i have less fat than i thought =]
thanks for the info, ill definitely shoot for adding 40lbs, or as close to it as i can get!


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Hello, I just want to ask the same question that How Much Weight is Possible to Gain in a Year with complete fitness?? What does the procedure we have to use for this?


  1. Lift heavy. If you can lift it for more than 12 reps, it's not going to do you any good. Ramped sets of five have worked well for me. And work EVERYTHING.

  2. EAT BIG. Lots of meat, veggies, and starchy carbs. When it's time to eat, eat. Even if you're not hungry. I was eating around 4000 Cals/day to get to 210, and had to bump it up to nearly 5000 to get to 220. That's 570 cals per meal, seven meals every day, just to get to 210.

  3. Get plenty of sleep. If you're only getting 3hrs per night your recovery is going to suck, and recovery is what its all about.

When you get these three rules down, you'll have 90% of the game down. Everything else is just details that will help you milk that last 10% out of your training.



In all fairness lift heavy weights and eat lots of food is damn good advice...


in all fairness "light heavy weights" is contradictive.

i work out 5 days a week:
Monday: Shoulders and abs
Tuesday: Back and abs
Wednesday: Chest and abs
Thursday: Legs and abs
Friday: Arms and abs

And have Lacrosse practice 3 times a week (MWF)
I'm 6"2 and 190 lbs

Anyone have a rough idea of the amount of calories i should be taking in per day? Somewhere around 4000? And also since I don't do any activity on the weekends can I get away with eating less at that time? or do i have to keep the diet up 7 days a week?

Also a big thanks to those who have already posted!


we have no idea how many calories your body needs. try 4000 calories and if you gain too much fat lower it, if you don't gain enough weight raise it. Only you can figure this out, don't be afraid to experiment :wink:


doh, meant to be "lift"


For your body weight, I'd start out with 3500Cal and adjust based on results. I'll include my handy-dandy flow chart with this post.

On the weekends, the only thing you should change is your carbohydrate intake. Keep your protein and fat intake the same. Again, a great phrase to remember here is "earn you carbs".