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How Much Water?

How many pints of water should an athlete be drinking each day?


I have searched but keep getting different answers.

There really isn’t an answer. I haven’t seen any conclusive evidence to show any real number of water per day to consume. Also, the whole 8 glasses of 8 oz of water came outta someone’s ass.

I personally drink lots of water, because I enjoy too. I’m sure I can get away with much less though.

I drink a lot, but then again I found myself taking a leak rather ofte :slight_smile: I pretty much try to avoid drinking in the late afternoon to avoid waking up all night, though.

make sure your piss is white, thats the best way to tell your getting enough IMO.

[quote]Omca wrote:
make sure your piss is CLEAR, thats the best way to tell your getting enough IMO. [/quote]


I barely drink a liter of water a day.
I’m never thirsty, ever (unless it’s extremely hot outside).
Even after working out I am not that thirty. Just the water I have with my strawberry proteins shake is enough (200, 300ml)
I don’t know, I might be extremely efficient for retaining liquids, like a human-camel or something.

I get at least a gallon everyday…What i have read says that is minimum for athletes.

It’s so annoying waking up at night lol

8+ liters a day while I was bulking. I’m always thirsty. Now I’m cutting down, lost roughly 9 lbs of fat and some muscle. I drink roughly 6 liters + every day. Just have a big bottle of water handy at all times and sip when you feel like. That’s what I do.

Whoever said water is the best anabolic, he was so bloody right. I stand by drinking shitloads of water. It really helps.

usually around 4L/1gallon. I don’t think there are any hard or fast rules, but better hydrated than not. If you do feel you are dehydrated during the day, a good idea is just to have a large quanitity of water avalible at all times. I just take a 2L bottle of water with me to school/work, pans out well.

Oh and initially, if you’re not used to drinking so much water, you’re gonna be taking a leak every 30 minutes or so, but you’ll adjust.

I drink anywhere from a half gallon to a gallon and a half a day.

I try to drink as much as possible short of sloshing around when I walk. I’d say a gallon a day is fine unless you’re sweating a ton.

I’m over 50 and have no problems at night for some odd reason. I downed 2 24 ounce glasses of water last night between 7 and 10, took my last whiz of the night and sacked out at 11, slept all night. Beer is another story, I have 2 of them before bed and I’ll be up once.