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How much water to mix Surge with?

How much water should i mix a serving (100g) of Biotest Surge with?

I put about 16 oz of water for my personal serving (1.5 scoop of Surge). If I put less water, it feels too sweet, and I can’t drink it. I really detest sugary drinks. If I could, I’d put more water, but my shaker doesn’t allow me to pour more water.

According to john berardi you want 4% to 8% dilution for the greatest osmology. So 100g in 1 litre is 10%. Use ratio maths to get between 4-8%. for example 1.5 liters is 7.5%

16 oz, the breakdown is on the side of the container for escalating weights and servings.

Ideally, you’d be looking for a 6-8% (at the very least 10%) for optimal digestion and gastric emptying. So, for an 8% concentration, 100g divided by 8% yields 1250mL. The formula is simple: (total powder in grams) / (percent solution) = liquid in mL. Obviously, 1L of water would be about the minimum.

Hi, Max. Mix 1 scoop of Surge with 1 liter of water. 1 serving is 2 scoops, so 2 liters, 2 scoops. There’s a reason for adding that much water. The body is able to almost instantaneously absorb the protein and carbs, pretty much bypassing mechcanical digestion.

Check out “Precision Nutrition for 2002 and Beyond” at T-mag. It shouldn’t be more concentrated than a 10% solution.

The amount of water you consume with surge is critical since digestion will suffer if you have a beverage that’s too concentrated. And don’t forget to drink an additional liter of water shortly after your surge to assist/aid the digestive process.

As others here have wisely posted: The “Precision nutrition for 2002 and beyond” article really spells it ALL out for you.