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How Much Water Retention Justifies Increasing AI?

I’ve pinned 4 times already, pinning for the 5th time tomorrow. I’m running 500 test e / wk, I started at around 184, and now I’m at around 190-194 (I was 190 this morning, weighed in again recently and was 194). Is this an unusual amount of gain for the period I’ve been using? I have been running .25 mg arimidex with every pin, but my last pin I used .125 mg. Should I use .25 mg with my pin tomorrow? (And the reason I lowered the adex dose was because i originally started my cycle using HCG, but I will be stopping it and using it again starting week 4 or 5

Your pinning schedule tell us nothing about how far you are into the cycle. You pinning once a week or twice?


Water retention can happen faster for some guys. Question is are you drinking enough water throughout the day? Are you taking in too much sodium? Look to the diet first before messing with AI dosage. It’s easier to fix a few minor dietary things vs changing the whole profile of your hormones. Do the easy stuff first.

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I don’t think water retention alone is a justifiable reason to up an AI. Water retention is going to happen on test E thats a fact. How much water you hold and where you hold it is going to depends on your diet and body. If you aren’t having any other symptoms of of high E2 then I doubt the water retention is related

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Have you found high E2 impacts sex drive/erection quality? I know low E2 definitely does

I keep mine around 45-50 with TT at 900-1100 and it’s given me the best libido/erection quality I’ve ever had. I do well sexually with higher e2, but that’s me. You can find another guy who’s pushing rope if he gets over 40. Highly individual.


I never really have a problem with erection strength but i know when my e2 dips my little fella loses sensitivity

If I were to start having libido issues probably caused by high E2, how much should I increase my adex dose by

Various things influence water.retention, carbohydrate and sodium intake, aldosterone (anyone who says it’s cortisol is WRONG, it makes me really mad when people tell me I’m wrong and it isn’t aldosterone, ALDOSTERONE MEDIATES FLUID BALANCE DAMMIT), certain nutritional and vitamin deficiencies, estrogen and more. So to expect that you’re water retention is from estrogen solely is absurd, and you may very well be able to eliminate excess water without resorting to aromatase inhibitors (which in turn tend to fuck you’re lipids with a gigantic penis)