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How Much Water for Creatine + Surge?


I've recently started putting 5g creatine in my PWO Surge (and a regular shake on off days) but was wondering how much water is necessary? I know Surge says use 16 oz for one serving, and creatine says use 16 oz for one serving, but I wouldn't need 32 oz. of water if I combined the 2 into one shake right? So how much water is enough, 16 oz? 20?

Also, on my off days should I take creatine in the morning or roughly the same time I take it on Workout days (evening)?


as much as necessary to fully dissolve the powder.

I take my creatine with my breakfast on my off days cause I eat the most carbs for that meal.


^ yeah but how can you see if the powder is fully dissolved if Surge is mixed with it? Right now I use 20 oz. water but I can't tell if the powder is dissolved or not, my shaker cup is kind of full of brown liquid (chocolate Surge FTW) so it's impossible to see little white powder floating around.


Why not just drink the creatine and protein seperately? Or put the creatine in first and see how much water it takes to dissolve that.


16oz for the them both, total. Thats how I did it. 16oz water + 2 scoops chocolate Surge + 5 grams creatine.


Muscles - because drinking them seperately would mean 32 oz water, after already consuming 24oz or more of water in the last hour before it during my workout, and that is a lot of water in just 90 minutes. Putting the creatine in first would work, but then how do i know how much more water would be needed for the protein?

elusive - thanks for the answer, i've been using 20 oz. and I'll probably stay around 16-20 oz.


You dont even need 16oz for it to fully dissolve.. I use around 10-12 oz


Actually, I use 10 oz. for 2 scoops of Surge Workout Fuel + 5g creatine..


I like to stick with the Surge guidelines (Surge Recovery or Surge Workout Fuel). Whether I put the creatine in or not, it's all the same.


this is so retarded.

Put powder in water. Consume. The end.

Why do you making taking creatine into some kind of super complicated ritual with exact WATER measurements? Am I missing something here? Eat it off a spoon if you want.


There have been many a great physique ruined with the inaccurate measurement of water and supplement.

Jesus gummed my dog.


Are you serious? And its not total amount of water its mixed with, you just have to make sure you drink enough water through out the day with creatine. i can't believe this was even a posted question.




If you want to get nerdy, Creatine monohydrate's solubility is 14g/litre.
So 16(US) fl oz (473ml) would disolve no more than 6.6g Creatine.

BTW I often eat it off the spoon!