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How Much Volume with a Push/Pull Split to Failure?

I’d like to do a push/pull/leg split 2x a week and take every set to failure. I’ve tried other things, but this is the most comfortable for me. Given that general frequency and intensity, what sort of volume should I be doing? I was thinking about 3 sets for everything 2x a week. I’d do more if I could get away with it.

It’s hard for me to tell if, for example, I try to do 5 sets 2x a week and stall out if I need to endure an adaptation period or if it’s just pure overtraining. If anyone has some experience with a program like this, I’d appreciate some thoughts on it.


Check KingBeefs “DO this Routine…” thread in the BB section. He has exactly what your looking for

Hmm, sounds like even 3 sets all to failure would be excessive. Would 2 sets to failure give the same result as 2 normal sets with a third to failure? I just really hate the feeling of arbitrarily stopping short.