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How Much Volume To Maintain?



A full body workout once a week - one exercise per bodypart for 3x8-12 - reduced bodyfat slightly, increased strength, and didn’t significantly change muscle mass (no significant increase or decrease) compared to the non-lifting group. Of course, the people studied were in their late-60s.


I listened to a podcast with Brad Schoenfeld recently and he said that a lot of times even when the study says it was with “trained individuals” the term is subjective to whatever the researchers deem as trained individual because there is no set standard. He then said you have to take pretty much ever study with a grain of salt even the ones with “trained individuals”.


I meant more if studies are asked for articles are not going to cut it unless they cite something.


Fair enough, but that ties back to what Cybertron was saying about the OP’s reason for asking in the first place and whether he’s asking just for curiosity’s sake or looking for something to use in his own programming.