How Much Volume Is High Volume?

I’m pretty sure I need to do a high volume phase, but I’m not real sure what constitutes high volume? And iIcan only train 3 days a week right now.

Accumulation Phase
Day 1(Wholebody)-Sunday
Day 2(Lower Body)-Tuesday
Day 3(upper body)-Thursday

Day1-3(Whole body)Sun,Tues,Thurs

The volume issue is quite relative, it depends on your work tolerance, your physical condition, your training age…What’s is high volume for a guy may not be that high for another. You will find it throught trial and error. Keeping a training journal is propably the best tool you could have for that issue. Anyway these are just my two cents. Hope it’s helpful.

Look at it as relative to your own training level. Try 10-20% more than you would normally do for total sets, and see how you respond. You need to adapt you workload to your previous experience and the time you have. Based on your schedule, doing 10-15 sets per body part would be impossible. You would be at the gym way to long. For me personally, I try to get in and out within an hour, which means something between 20-30 work sets (when you factor in changing exerices, weight, etc). I move that volume up or down depending on my ability to recover and focus,I am only working 1 body part as compared to my whole upper or lower body, rep range, etc.

The key is personal experimentation. Keep good logs so you can determine what is the right volume level for you.

I know CT has said that all trainee’s need high volume phases eventually to continue to progress. And after looking at my last few phases i’ve decided i need to add some super high volume. But i can only train 3 days a week right now so i thought of trying this.
Day 1(Wholebody)
a1)incline- 4x8
a2)chin ups- 4x8
deadlift- 4x8
leg press- 4x8

Day 2(lower body)
squat- 10x10
RDL- 10x10

Day 3(upper body)
a1)bench press- 10x10
a2)1 arm row- 10x10

I will also do 2 exercises for my weak points after my main exercises for 2x10. I’m pretty good at telling if i’m overtraining so if this is too high volume i’ll have to lower the volume a bit and try something else. But i think i will be ok since i will only be doing it for 3 weeks.

Just did my first upper-body day of German Volume Training and it was tough. If i eat enough i dont see how i can’t gain size because it feels like every muscle in my upper body is totally fatigued(sp?). Tomorrow is the lower body day which i know will be WAY TOUGHER i can’t even imagine 10 sets of squats.