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how much volume is high volume?

This may sound remedial, but how many sets and reps makes the volume high? I’m planning my workout for my Mag-10 cycle and though I’d like to do the 2x a day lifting, chances are I won’t be able to make that so I’d like to know how much training I should be doing to take advantage of the added recovery.

I’m currently doing a two week cycle of Mag-10 myself. I couldn’t manage the two-a-days, so I’m training on 12 of the 14 days. Ideally, 4-on, 1-off is a great way to go, although I’m going to be doing 5-on, 1-off, 3-on, 1-off, 4-on because of my schedule. I’ve split my entire body over three workouts: Chest/Arms, Legs/Abs, and Delts/Arms. I repeat after each rotation. I’m basically doing about 23-25 sets per workout, and recovery is pretty good. I should mention that my volume was pretty low coming in to this phase, so I think that has helped to allow me to tolerate the workload. I’m also using loaded passive stretching (LPS) between sets. Props to Joel Marion for this one; they’re killer.

I believe that Ian King generally recommends 120 sets a week while “on”. If you lift 2x a day x4 a week that’s 15 sets a workout or x3 a week that’s 20 set’s a workout. Best of luck.

Around 100 reps per body part should do the trick…primarily working in the 8-12 rep range.