how much vitex

I know this was mentioned earlier, but I can not find it on the forums or the search engine. I just purchased some solary vitex extract, and it contains 400mg per cap but says to take like 6 per day, whereas M has 400mg for the entire daily does, how much should I got with?

One pill a day. But I don’t think it was supposed be the extract.

I know that the regular Solaray product
of 400 mg per capsule works fine at
one capsule per day. The extract, I don’t
know, and it is possible that the extract
may not be as good, since it is not
being standardized for all of the active
components. (In other words, the extract
may, unless proven otherwise, be leaving
things behind that should be there, and
are there in the herb itself.)

The dosage recommended by Solaray and
others may (or may not) be preferable for
women, but for men using it to improve
testosterone, two capsules seem no better
than one, nor six better than one.

Also keep in mind that ‘M’ has a bunch of other anti-estrogen stuff in it besides Vitex. Also, the labels on most vitex supps are designed for women treating female conditions. The dose may vary with men, but I’m just guessing here.

I agree with Bill Roberts based on the posts of 99% of the people in the forum who tried vitex, that 400mg is all you need. For some reason 1X400mg didn’t do anything for me,(I did 1x400 for 7 days then tried a higher dose) but 2X400mg had a huge impact. Considering how plants are often grown I may have gotten a weak batch, and also you never know how an individual might react to certain chemicals. Start at one 400mg dose for 7 days and if it doesn’t kick in try 800mg.