How Much Vegetables?

How many portions of vegetables do you eat every day?

Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep this a fair comparison;

1). Fruit doesn’t count, only vegetables do.

2). A ‘portion’ is 100g (or 3.5oz, or 0.22lbs) in weight. Some people measure by eye, by ‘cup’, whatever, it’s impossible to tell unless you standardize.

3). It would be helpful to say what those vegetables are.

I’ll kick things off. I admit that my veg intake is sh!t. Disregarding fruit, I eat four 100g portions of vegetables per day; 100g of kale, 100g of broccoli, 100g of collards, 100g of spinach.

I eat veggies every meal.

Meal 1: 1/2 green pepper
Meal 2: Mixed herbs/greens, maybe like 3 cups? I just throw in a few heaping handfuls.
Meal 3: 1 cucumber or ~2 cups broccoli, sweet potato or rice(I know these don’t really count for “veggies” even though they are vegetables)
Meal 4: Cucumber, broccoli, peppers, or aparagus, 1/2 a dinner plate full of whichever one I eat

And I typically use superfood in my oats in the morning.

Veggies, in my opinion, are the most important thing to eat. Regardless of goals, overall health is better when including many veggies.

dude… how many grams is in a cup? How many grams is in a 1/2 dinner plate?

Um…like 100-200g depending on what the vegetable is. For the 1/2 dinner plate I would guess 300g. It’s usually a whole cucumber or a heaping handful of asparagus so I’m only guessing the weight.

[quote]lunk wrote:
2). A ‘portion’ is 100g (or 3.5oz, or 0.22lbs) in weight. Some people measure by eye, by ‘cup’, whatever, it’s impossible to tell unless you standardize.[/quote]

These are my daily minimums…

meal #2
250g green beans, 115g mushrooms, 35g black olive, 60g tomato

meal #5
400g broccoli or green beans

I’m gonna be eating a lot of veggies from here on out, but I have the time five days of the week to prepare them.

Lots of napa cabbage, a head of broccoli, some bok choy, some celery, some avocado, some asparagus, and a few shiitake mushrooms everyday. And then some Japanese sweet potatoes to add in the extra carbs I need.

I started reading about various veggies and opted for ones which seem to have the best “hidden” nutrients. Stuff that can fight cancer or help against inflammation. And then since vegetables are ridiculously expensive where I live I’m also kind of choosing around price (five tiny sticks of asparagus for $2…is that expensive back in the states??).

I want to keep this up for at least a month and see how I feel at the end.

I recently decided to drastically up my veg intake. I buy frozen beans, peas, and broccoli and have 200g with three meals per day. This is in addition to whatever veg are in the main recipe I cooked for the day (today that means aubergines, tomatoes, olives, and carrots).

I actually find myself looking forward to the greens now.