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How Much TV Do You Watch?


I am home during the day and work all night. I used to keep the tv on and maybe watch a little CNN or something on Discovery. But for the past 2 or 3 weeks I havent turned it on at all. Funny thing is, I dont miss it.

You guys watch much?


the internet is my t.v now. I've literally not watched more than 30 min of tv in the past 2 months.


My TV viewing is pretty sporadic. I always watch the Office and 30 Rock every week, and sometimes I'll watch some Discovery or Colbert if it's on the DVR. That's pretty much it for me.

I just can't stand sitting there for all that long, you know? I know I could be training or learning something. It just seems like such wasted time.


my tv is always on in the background.. not really watching but I let comedy central or discovery play.. just pay attention when a show I like comes on.


Zero. We don't have a TV at home. Internet is more than enough to fulfill our needs.


I watch ESPN for sports and CNBC for market info, that's it.

TV in general seems like a waste of time. Books FTW.


TV is the biggest waste of time known to man. I generally try to avoid it, because I know that if I'm tired and I sit in front of one, I will probably lay down and stay there for the next 3-4 hours.


Im the same way, if I'm at home studying or not at the gym I'm on my computer or at my desk doing homework (half of which is on the computer), and I have my tv on to my left. I really only watch a few shows, justified, breaking bad, and the pacific right now. I just feel weird sitting in front of a computer for hours without background noise.


Living stateside, I probably averaged maybe 30 minutes of TV time a month. Now, it's 0. I don't really care for TV. If I need to find something that is current, I'll hit the net. But even that isn't a necessity for me. I am typically out doing something active, or just reading a book.


What a stupid statement...


I only watch strongman competitons on it.


Computer is my tv...I watch like maybe an hour a week tops...football season I'll have it on from noon until 10-ish, but don't always watch it...just is comforting to have on and use as an excuse to make food and drink booze.

Actually haven't watched tv since I was 13...that's like 26 years I haven't watched it...ever since they tried to replace Bo and Luke with Coy and Vance I realized it was pure garbage.

My old man watches tv non-fucking-stop...I think that's why I can't stand it...like having a parent that's an alcoholic maybe (no offense intended to people whose dad's were drunks, I'm sure it's worse)...he would literally get home from work at 5 and sit in a chair and watch it thru dinner (unless mom bitched) until midnight...every fucking night..then it was marathon viewing on Saturday and Sunday...now that he's retired it's fucking embarrassing....wakes up at 7, reads the paper, eats breakfast, tv on from 8 until whenever he goes to bed.


I catch The Office whenever I can... and I'll sit and watch American Idol or Holmes On Homes with my wife. That's it.

My 17-year old son is even more impressive. He's probably watched a total of 10 hours of TV in the last 4 years. I'm totally serious.


Had the roof repaired a month ago and the jacklegs bumped the dish off line. Amazing the conversations that my family of five have shared since then. Damn we wasted so much time around the TV.


We recently switched from cable to satellite. Which means we just went from about 800 channels to over 9,000 channels. Nothing is in logical order, and I don't have the patience to look for anything.
I'll occasionally go into the DVR and find something that interests me, but I rarely ever turn it on now. It's finals week anyways. I should probably get going!


I watch the whole TV, about 50". I bought the larger screen so I could watch more TV. I figured since I have a steady job and some decent income I could afford to splurge. I have to say its nicer with a bigger screen.





Don't own one, and don't want one.


TV rots your brain!!!!


Have you seen my post count?

Not a lot...

I will put the news or a movie on, or some sporting event, but that is about it.