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How Much Tuna is TOO Much?


The FDA says the safe amount to eat per week is 2 1/2 cans of tuna. This being light tuna. Albacore has 3 times more mercury than light tuna. Who here really sticks to that much?? I usually eat 3+ cans a day.


I've heard this before, but those numbers would mean 1 can of albacore is too much per week. Something seems "fishy" about those numbers.

On the other hand, 3 cans a day sounds excessive. You have anything against chicken or beef?


Mercury poisoning is no joke...as are the sides from long term exposure (so they say).

I love tuna but never go over a can a day. If I'm eating that much fish I'll go with tilapia, cod, salmon, or orange roughy. Costco sells them in the bags that have em individually wrapped and microwavable. Fast and easy 40g of protein or so...plus fish oils obviously :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeah, I eat lots of canned tuna as well. It might partially depend on the source?


I have nothing against chicken or beef. Just tuna is much cheaper. But I guess i'll have to stick with a can a day then! Knew tuna was too good to be true!


I believe the theories that by eating the chunk tuna (which is from multiple fish instead of just a slab from an individual tuna, like in the albacore), you dramatically reduce your chances of mercury.

That said.... I regularly ingest 2 cans a day, except for the odd day where I will substitute 2 cans of sardines instead. COnvenient, protein rich, and easy to carry.



I have looked into this before, I wish I still had my sources, but from what I remember the CDC says 1 can of chunk light is safe. I personally eat 1-2 cans a day (sometimes chunk light, sometimes albacore).


dont you think that your fish would taste a bit on the rubbery and/or shit side microwaving it? It wouldnt do a tasty fish justice to just microwave it


I actually came across an article on here today regarding this very question. I didn't read it but I saw the conclusion. It basically said a healthy 200lb male can safely eat 1 can per day and not worry about anything. And something about working up to more to let your kidneys adjust.

Do a search. I think it may of been in 2005 under nutrition articles, or 2003. It had mercury in the headline I believe.


Yeah, I also read somewhere that your body adapts over time to a higher intake of mercury, and that poisoning only occurs with if you take in a shitload of it. So having a steady intake at whatever there is in 3 cans probably isn't that bad.

A little off topic though, have anyone else gotten sick of the tase of certain foods over time? I can barely stand tuna or eating pure oils anymore. And I really liked tuna.


get an appropriate selection of protein sources. one is not enough. but on the same note, tuna is a great source and if you can get a lot of it and money is an issue, go for it

mercury poisoning will not be an issue


There have been some interesting studies.


Section 4.10. sums up the study saying you're pretty safe eating several cans a week without ill effect.

Also, another study had mentioned that the mercury content in canned tuna is far less from the kind often consumed with sushi. The reason for this is due to the fish being canned are generally bred in captivity in fish farms; thus, this reduces the chances that they were in the ocean to become contaminated with mercury.

It's not going to make me stop eating sushi once in a while though. Hope this helps put your mind at ease. :^P



It is a bit dated now, but for those who haven't seen it:


Amounts of mercury in different types of fish:





My Tuna says it comes from the coast of Thailand, are they just farmed there or what?