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How Much Training To Maximize Cycle?

Hey, just wondering what the general consensus is on how often i should train and what the volume of my workout’s should be. Now i know some guy’s train a couple of hours per session, 2 session’s per day when on super stacks’s. I’m running 500mg of test per week.

When natural I’ve always done 1 hour session’s whether i be aiming for strength or size, should i go for longer when on gear?

Also I’ve always done whole body program’s 3x per week or 2 day split 4x per week, should i workout more on gear?

I like too use the big compound movement’s; squat’s, dead’s, bench, military, wide grip’s, bent row’s. Though i also add in assistance exercises; close grip bench, curls, leg press, delt raise etc.

So basically while on 500mg of test per week, how often (on whole body and 2 day split routine’s please) and how much volume should my workout’s be.

Take into account that atm I’m training purely for size gain’s and take 60 seconds rest between set’s and 2 minutes between exercises.

That is a pretty modest amount of juice and so work capacity probably isn’t enhanced as much as it can be in some other instances.

The number of sets actually performed never seems to work out to what one would mathematically figure from rest between sets, time between exercises, and duration of each set, but as a first approximation let’s use that method (since you gave no figure for it). If say you do an average of three sets per exercise, and let’s say the exercise itself takes 30 seconds, then that’s 1.5 min working the exercise, 2 min between the sets, and 2 min after the sets before the next exercise. So 5.5, or call it 6, minutes total.

So that could be as much as 10 exercises, 3 sets of each, per workout, or 30 sets.

Let’s say in practice it is 24 sets on account of how the above sort of calculation never seems to work out.

If so, then you are doing enough volume already I would think.

This is one of those questions without a best case scenario answer Im afraid, and, like most things, it will depend on you, your exercise tolerance, recovery capacity, nutrition etc etc. And is also one of the reasons why I feel that for the most part guys without a decent training history shouldnt really take gear, Ill tell you why (not saying that this is you BTW).

Generally, you should be able to tolerate more training volume, and the increases in motivation, desire to train and strength will likely mean that you will train with greater intensity (in terms of load and effort) too. So what we find with people who use half decent amounts is both a concomittent increase in training volume, training intensity and training effort (and probably frequency too - people love to train while using). The benefits of using steroids is an obvious increase in recovery capacity, however, fatigue effects on the CNS need to be monitored.

This is where cybernetic periodisation comes in. Think of this as being cognisent of your body, how its feeling and what you can do - instinctive training if you like. Have a definite plan, and indeed increase your volume and training efforts BUT be aware of how your CNS responds to the increase in training stressors (and be sure to increase your overall nutrient intake accordingly). When feeling flat, back off maybe, or do something different than what you had planned, when feeling good - go for it. Maintaining consistent progression, which sometimes may mean taking a step back to go 2 steps forward, throughout the course of a cycle will ensure good gains.

Steroids are great training aides but they only complement a solid training and nutrition plan.

Alright. Yeah i been training for year’s natural and have found that one Hour is about max i can train for when going hard. I alway’s do compound lift’s at start of session and a few assistance at end due to fatigue.

I was just wondering whether the gear (due too increased recovery etc) would mean i should extend my workout longer. I guess i’ll find this out when it kick’s in.

Iv’e read that some can maintain 2 a day workout’s 6-7 day’s a week while using, with a week off once every 2 or so month’s.

The plan is to do a 3 day split, with 6 w/o a week and sunday rest day, and will stick to 1 hour session’s and see how i go. I f i feel one hour is too short i wil increasem or if 6x week is too much nock one or two session’s off. I also plan on have a week off too recover (xmas-new years).


You have a plan, go for it I say. Be sure to up your Calories and try it (you never know till you do!). You could titrate up your volume / frequency over the first couple of weeks as the products start to take effect. Then, once you are in full swing, go for it.