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How Much Training is Too Much?


Okay. First time poster, try not to hate. I am a GA football coach at the college level. Therefore, I work in close proximity to a weightroom. Whenever I get bored or just have some dead time I go and do a couple of sets of whatever day it is (uppers, lowers, olympic etc) I ten d to do this several times in a day. Also, I do Crossfit every morning with some of the other coaching staff.

So, I guess my question is how real is the risk of overtraining? Are there any exercises I should be/not be doing to minimize the risk of injury? As far as I can tell, my routine has not had any adverse effects on my body. Any help at all would be useful.


how did you get a job coaching others, when you dont even know the answer to this question????



If you are feeling good and are progressing then you are fine and overtraining is not an issue.

If some exercise is making your joints hurt, then consider an alternative.

That's pretty much it.


Talk about the blind leading the fucking blind....


you know what the said


You guys are right that was a stupid question. I read yalls comments first then re-read what I wrote and I do sound like a dipshit. Anyway what I was really asking is does anyone think that working out numerous time (3-5) times in a day a bad idea. Im not asking about torn muscles or excessive strain. Im asking about testosterone levels versus cortisol levels. So my question is does spreading a total lift out over several hours make any difference or should it be all done at once?

Also, to answer your question I got my job because I was good at playing football, it doesnt have anything to do with picking up heavy objects and setting them back down.


read up on the bulgarian training methods.


I don't think that people realize the various types of coaches that a football program would have. You never said that you were their strength coach right?

I'm sure you'll be just fine giving enough food and rest. I would err on making sure you don't fail at any reps and that each rep is explosive in nature. Coach Thib is a great resource for you in this regard.



Thank you Ill look into that.

Yea I m definitely not qualified to coach strength and conditioning Im the assistant Defensive backs coach


check out Joe Defranco's website.