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How Much Training Is Too Much?



Im a bit of a newbie to the forums so have posted this in the beginners section, but I was wondering what signs there are of overtraining?

I have read in a lot of articles about how people shouldnt worry about overtraining because very few lifters reach this point. I lift 5/6 days a week and spend most of my time in the gym on big compound movements. I squat once a week and deadlift on another session. I also try and run weekly and occasionally swim. From time to time I just feel fucked all over and take a couple of days off completely, but most days i have some soreness from a previous session. If im tired I will reduce the number of sets in my workout for that day but my intensity is always high.

I know it's difficult to tell whether im overdoing it from this information, but when and how should I slow down and take time off? Any help would be appreciated.


Are you getting stronger and gaining weight consistently? If not then you probably aren't eating enough of the right foods.

I felt overtrained when doing a super high volume program. I felt terrible after sleeping more than I normally did. Couldnt get a pump in the gym. Everything stagnated. Felt achy sort of like having the flu. No appetite. Just a shitty overall feeling.

Soreness is NOT a way to judge overtraining.


Yeah I have been consistently gaining strength, and have not come across this flu like feeling so I guess I'm doing fine. Thanks for the help mate.


McLaren rule of thumb is you cant overtrain yourself because it takes some damn wild determination !

next is if you want to know overtraining. Flu is a very good way to describe it you feel a sudden loose of strenght will and motivation.

But The strenght game is played one step back 2 steps forward ! so strenght loss tiredness and all that can also be benefisial ... but as long as you are progressing you are not overtraining... when you stop progressing back off a little and start over..


what the fuck are you talking about? why would strength loss and being tired be beneficial?



Agreed WTF..............reread what you just typed please......Being tierd is one thing but loosing strength?????


Lol all these crazy European posters....wtf is up with them?

As Bonez said, if you keep getting stronger, you're not overtraining.


only just been able to reply, but thanks for the guidance so far.

Could taking more rest result in greater gains in strength/mass? Or should i forget this issue and just lift?


Each person is different. I spend anywhere from 2-4 hours a day in the gym, and 6-7 days a week. and to some people that might be overtraining. But it's not for me. I take a day off when I need to. And I eat a lot of food. I also do HIIT cardio 3-5 times a week. Not everyone can do this. If you're continuing to build muscle and gain strength, then you're fine. I agree with most of the above, it is hard to overtrain.
And ignore Blunt. That's plain retarded.


Yes, more rest could result in greater gains.
And yes, less rest could result in greater gains.

Stop asking vague questions.

Don't follow a stupid program. If you are not steadily progressing in strength (as a newbie (0-2 years?), gains every 1-2 weeks on at least one big exercise for every "bodypart"), somethings wrong, and if something is wrong, you need to figure out what (crappy exercises, shitty overall program, crappy diet ...) and fix it.