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How Much to Frontload?


Im looking to start gear next week (test cyp dbol and deca) and want to know how much I should frontload.Im gonna be using 500mg a week of test and 200mg of deca and was thinking of fronting 750 of the test the first week,is that too much.


I would go with 1000mg the first week. You could do two 500 mg shots. Have you ever checked out the roid calc? You can plug in the info and estimate where your blood levels will be. come.to/roidcalc


A gram,Im waiting for bonez brook and waylander to pipe in.

Thanks tho.


I have recently frontloaded with 1250 in the first week and it worked FAST


Do as Bence suggested and use Roidcalc.com to work out your dosages - i could tell you the answer, or even give an educated guess but you wouldnt be any the wiser next time would you?

Use the calculator and then you will be able to frontload and calculate PCT after cycles easily for yourself.


OR allow someone to spoonfeed you like a child! lol!


FL = ((weekly dose x half life days) / days in week)) + interval dose

Test Prop: 2 day half life
Test E: 5 day half life
Test Cyp: 6 day half life
Deca: 7 day half life

Test e frontload calculation assuming 500mg/w and 250mg 2x/w interval

((500 x 5) / 7) + 250 = 607mg FL on day 1 followed by 250mg 2x/w for cycle duration.

Same as above with EOD dosing - 143mg EOD

((500 x 5) / 7) + 143 = 500mg FL on day 1 followed by 143mg EOD for cycle duration.

Deca frontload assuming 200mg/w with interval of 100mg 2x/w

((200 x 7) / 7) + 100 = 300mg FL on day 1 followed by 100mg 2x/w for cycle duration

same as above with EOD dosing

((200 x 7) / 7) + 57 = 257mg FL on day 1 followed by 57mg EOD for cycle duration.

Others can chime in on ideal interval frequency and the best way to combine compounds to minimize injections.


Minimizing injections would be ideal.


In that case, go with 2x/w for both cyp and deca. I'm sure you can handle that. Others can advise on how to combine compounds in one syringe.


Doing test E3D is fine but i wasnt planning on doing the deca that way.I thought i could get away with doing the deca 1 a week since the half life is so long,But I guess not.


More stable blood levels 2x/w. Combining both should minimize muss and fuss. That makes for only two injections per week as opposed to 3 if you did the cyp twice and the deca once.


Thanks guys I got on roidcalc and figured it out.