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How Much to Cut?

Hi gents,

I have started lifting 2 months ago. My starting bodyfat was 21%. How much should I cut before I can start bulking?

Well,height and weight would be good information, as well as how you came to the conclusion of your current bodyfat.

But, if you just started lifting, you’re probably better served by just lifting in a good program and let your body recomp.

A good program will include progressive overload - adding weight or reps every workout, using primarily compound lifts, eating well, recovery, and a little bit of conditioning.


I am 178 centimetres and 73 kg at the moment. Still have a lot of belly to shed. If you say recomp what would be my calorie intake? I measure body fat with smart scale.

And, of course age?

You should do some reading rather than asking me, or any one else on a forum. You can check a standard TDEE calculator like this one


First off, I’m pretty sure the scale ain’t accurate, scales rarely are. Secondly, it just sounds like you’re a regular person, there’s no need to cut. You just started lifting 2 months ago, just keep at that for now.

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Don’t let us tell you how to live your life. If you think you’re too fat, reduce calories keeping in mind your muscle mass/strength and energy may suffer. If you think you are too small, eat in a surplus but be aware you may add a bit off fat as well as muscle.

Looking at your height/weight I would be eating at maintenance or slightly above and slowly put on muscle. Being a beginner in the gym you will probably see some fat come off you as well.

The plan is to cut to around 16.5% and then keep calories at maintainance. If fat goes above 18 I will cut it back to 15 and then rinse and repeat. I was just wondering if I could get better results while bulking compared to maintainance.

If you plan to go from 21% to 16.5% you will have better luck being in a calorie deficit rather than bulking your way down…

Or are you asking specifically how many calories to reduce by? How many cals are you eating at maintenance?

Actually I am asking what to do once I hit 16.5% bf. My goal is to get bigger but I am at the same time a little bit of fatso. So I am thinking how much should I cut before bulk and then once cut should I eat at maintainance or just bulk.

You are 5 foot 8 and 170lbs on a good day. You arent a fat so. You just dont have any muscle. Probably pretty standard looking dude. In the long run you will have much better success eating to grow. Notice I did not say eating like a slob. Eat good food and in moderation and put your work in on the compound movements over the next few years and I assure you that you will be miles ahead of where you would be if you go on this constant yo yo diet idea.

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