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How Much to Blast on If I Cruise on 380mg a Week?


Thank you everyone who gave good advice. I’m going to end this tread since it doesn’t seems to start moving toward elsewhere.

Zeek1414, thank you for sharing your cycle. It gave me some good insight.

iron_yuppie, appreciated the recommendation.

newbvet, I’m not trying to go back in time to change how things turned out. Stop being so obsess with who my doc was from 2 years ago who I met once in a referral. The person who ordered my labs was my PCP. Endo never ordered another labs. She just said I was too young to be on TRT even through my total t then was 170. End of that fucking story.


Not obsessed. I just know you are full of shit. Good luck Devil Dog.


So are you asshole. Stop being a fucking creep. I don’t know you and I don’t know what you are going to do with that information. You can’t help me, thus there’s no way in hell, I’m going to give you personal information like that. Why don’t you share whose your endo from the VA is on a public forum so obsessed fucks like you can creep on it.


No one can help you when you are full of shit. It is very apparent that you have issues with keeping the facts straight.

For one, if you had lab work indicating LOW T with a referral to an ENDO, I can guarantee they didn’t turn you away because you were too young without eliminating other possibilities.
The VA does give out steroids like they are candy. I have 4 vials in the mailbox right now.
The VA does NOT require you to have Ball Cancer in order to get Test. But yet you work for the VA and know all their protocols.
The questions weren’t creepy at all. I am doubting you can answer them honestly. You have already put enough information out there, that I don’t need much more. You supposedly work for the VA, I am assuming the Arizona one, due to the screen name. Served from 06-12.

My Dr., is Dr Tram. I believe that is his name.

Like I said, Good luck Devil Dog. Dont get so mad Jr.

On another note, I bet you get more results on lowering your dose and going to more shots. Like 3 shots a week at 75 or 100 mgs each. You should get your SHBG checked.


Her name is Shoback. She’s the head of Endo. Unlike yours, who just gave it to you. Mine had me do xrays and CT to check bone density and other health bs to see if my low T is affecting my health. It’s the VA, not a damn men’s clinic. It takes more than a few labs test for the VA to do things. Because everything came back fine and I was young, I didn’t get TRT. Maybe when I’m old like you, I’ll try again.
Guess what, I do know their protocols, that’s why I’m suspicious how you got yours so damn easily and 8 vials at a time. And no asshole, I don’t work for Arizona, you dumb fuck.


Bullshit again. They dont check bone density for TrT testing. Required are 2 consecutive labs indicating Low T. Then a CatScan or MRI of pituitary.

Mens clinics require less as you even said you took lab work to one and got what you needed. You are the only one who has looked like a dumb fuck in this thread. I would be surprised if anyone believes the bullshit you spew.

Again, you should consider changing your protocol to more frequent shots with less dose per shot. Also get SHBG checked.
Thanks for the entertainment Two Foot Onion.


Hey old fuck. Why are you still obsessed here? Are you mental or something? You know there’s a suicidal hotline for us vets. You okay?

Look man, I don’t want your stupid advice. It’s not what I asked for in this forum.


If your body aromatizes test so quickly are you sure dbol is the way to go?


The strange thing is that it doesn’t seem to covert anything since all labs came back normal. I’ve never tried dbol or any other compounds so I don’t know if my body will react the same to it as test. Like iron_yuppie said that I don’t know until I try it. From what I researched, all cycles can’t do without test. However, I metabolize test abnormally, so I came here to get some feedback on first blast cycle with dbol. EQ was brought up as an additional compound since I’ve been on TRT for so long. So now I’m doing some research on that and looking up some cycles with dbol, eq and test and comparing it to doubling test during blast. In the end, I will know my body best; But if there’s other folks with my familiar issue, I want to learn how they overcome it.


You need to find out why your body metabolizes testosterone differently that’s not normal
Most other steroids are testosterone derived or very similar. So your gonna run into similar issues which could cause serious problems




Watching you two go back and forth has been mostly harmless so far, but this one isn’t funny, man. Some things aren’t good material for jokes or insults. This is one of them.


I was done responding with the kid. He has proven to be full of shit, so I called him out on. That is why he is so angry and lashing out. I almost feel sorry for him.


Hey, old fuck
Whether you believe that shit or not, that’s what happen on my end.
I looked up your doc, Tram or wtf. He doesn’t exist in the VA. There’s nobody by that name. You getting tired of your shit yet? And you served 9 years? I’ve seen 4 years, 6 years, and 8 years. Only do 9. What did you get kicked out for?’


If that was the case you would not have made this post. What is it with you two?
Have to have the last word?
You both need help and this forum is not the place.
Move on gentlemen its time to grow up now we arn’t interested in your petty little fight.


We are just shit talking. Really no harm by it. I made the mistake of responding to the old troll. Now I can’t let him to have the last word. Marines just don’t like losing.


J/K J/K don’t pop a fucking blood vessel.


Golden. I’m good thru. Grew up during the internet age so this is more fun than anything else. Didn’t lose sleep or anything. How about you, old fuck? You still alive.
Gotta be a little pc. Forgot there’s civilians.


I’d like to get back to why in the hell you need 380mg/wk just to get your TT and FT in a normal range. That is messed up and you will cook your heart from the inside out and will not know it has happened until you have a massive heart attack. It may not happen for some time but it will happen.


It has nothing to do with having the last word or losing. I didnt lose anything nor gain anything.

Its just embarassing when so called Marines act in this manner. They don’t require bone density scans for TrT.

You keep on with this old thing, as if it is supposed to bother me, but here you are at 30 something and on TrT. Good story Jr.