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How Much to Blast on If I Cruise on 380mg a Week?


I can tell you right now, you have no clue what you are talking about. Why say such stupid shit?

I served 9yrs Marines. VA pays for my Test, needles and lab work. Im not service connected hypo either.


I’m assuming FT stands for free T

Here’s mine.




Just test bro 750/week I added winny last 6 weeks I got my labs drawn right before the winny.

I dont want to reccomend anything honestly the fact that your body metabolizes testosterone so drastically different than the normal person’s concerns me to the point where I’m not comfortable suggesting anything else.

Your just gonna have to experiment and check labs and repeat


Hey, devil dog. I don’t mean anything by it.
And what did you do/say to your PCP to get the VA to give you test?
My total T was 170 and the VA still rejected prescribing.
I know there’s plenty of old vets getting test but they get low. very low doses.
BTW, What year you were you in? What was your MOS? Where were you stationed?
How much does the VA prescribe to you?


Thanks for info. I just needed real life experiences. Once again, thanks for sharing that.


Correct, Free T…that’s all the Testosterone in your body that’s available to use (for your purposes)

Is that with a reference range of 6.8 - 21.5? Is so then you certainly need to bump your dosage up.

You would probably be best served by appealing to our local Endo @physioLojik. He’s an expert in this stuff and has/is helped many of us. You couldn’t do better than tap his experience.


Oh and Thank you for your service (even though you were a crayon eating Marine)!
When/ Where did you serve?


No offense was taken. But I will call out bullshit if it stinks. Relax with all that oooorah shit.

I got my Primary Care to do a full blood panel. It came back with one low T. She got me a referral to the Endo at the VA hospital. My Endo said, get another lab work with low T, then go from there.

Next lab work came back right at the line. I think the lab work showed a 253 and the cut off was 250. He then ordered an MRI or Cat-scan of the pituitary. Nothing wrong there. He started me on Test the next week. 100mgs a week, I then chopped that shot into 2 shots. Now I adjusted my dosage to 200mgs a week and will tell him next visit. I missed my last visit and he could care less. Did a phone consult and he refilled my online prescriptions.

The symptoms I told my primary care and Endo were all the typical Low T symptoms. Lack of energy, No morning, wood, no motivation, carrying around mid section. Lab work backup my claims and Dr jumped on board. I could not have had a better experience with the VA.

They sent me 8 vials for my first order,so yes, The VA does send out steroids like candy. FO Free to my door.


Reference Range: 0.87-5.47


06-12. Camp Schwab in Oki, then Camp Lej in HQ S-3, then 4th recon in Alameda, S3 again. Grunts like crayons.


How much test mg/ml per vial?


200mgs / ml Test C. So on the syringe barrel, I go to the .5 which would be 100mgs per shot, twice per week

Did you even try the VA for TrT?


Endo said I’m not old enough for TRT. How old are you? That’s why I asked when you served. It’s wasn’t Orah shit. I’m trying to see if you’re a fake, since I had such a difficult time with getting TRT from the VA. What’s your total t now?


Served from 96-05. Because you had a hard time getting TrT, I might be fake? I am 41. Total T around high 800’s. (880 or 855). I’ve got lab work at the end of this month, I’ll update then. I am hard time believing you that a VA doc said No because you arent old enough. There are guys at all ages on TrT. Did you request a 2nd opinion? Did you go above his head?

My Endo Doc, is in training or completing something but he has a boss that he runs all the decisions through.

What was Docs name you tried with at the VA?


The Endo I saw was an attending, not a resident like yours. I have a hard time believing your stupid shit that you got it so easily. Maybe because you’re older.

The VA only prescribe meds by month or 3 months at a time, so 8 vials (2 months) are questionable.


What was his name?


How would I remember, it’s been over 2 years since I saw her. You really think I remember every fucker I’ve made.

When that bitch said no, I brought a copy of my labs to an outside TRT and got what I needed.


So look at the lab work, and look for the name of the Dr who ordered. Would be very easy to find. If it was VA doc, you can login to your HealthEVet account online and see who ordered what and when.

Was your original Low T not low enough for the threshold?


Seeing how well the VA is run makes my head hurt. Our tax dollars hard at work.