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How Much to Blast on If I Cruise on 380mg a Week?

I need advice. I have been cruising (TRT) on 380 mg of T (200mg every 4 days). I have severe hypogonadism so I need a high dose of 380mg to get to a total T of 800. I’m researching on a 12 weeks bulking cycle (blast) and I want to know how much to increase my T intake.

I’m 5’9’’. 31. 210 pounds. 14 bf. Gym 5-6 days a week. 2 hrs weights and 15 mins cardio. Gym since 25. Labs within normal range without AI.

In addition to T, I will be taking Dbol for 5 weeks. 30mg ed, then 40mg, then back to 30mg. Will take .5 AI eod during cycle.

Edit: I’m glad I’m getting replies but I seem to confuse some people. My total T is 800s. How much total T should I been at when on bulk? Without Dbol? With Dbol?

You’re already blasting. So why not just move it up to 500 and then eventually cruise at an actual cruise dose?


He has lab work showing high normal T with those doses in another thread. I was blown away. I think OP stated that it is pharma grade too.

My total T levels now is 800s on 380 mg a week.
My previous experience on TRT:
200mg a wk brings it to 400s
300mg brought it to 600

500mg will probably brings it to 1000s

Will total T of 1000s be enough to bulk?

My body metabolize test quickly. And yes, they are pharma grade

What day did you have labs drawn after your last shot?

How is this possible?

Im asking as a serious question? If anyone could help me understand I’d appreciate it

4 days after.
I inject e4d. I had labs taken on the morning before I inject.

What is your exact protocol. Mine 100mgs every 3.5 days of Test C. That puts me in high 800’s

Everyone is different. Some people only need 200mg to get to that level. I need 380mg. I joke that it must have something to do with serving in the Marines.

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200mg every 4 days of Test C.

I understand that I agree with you 100% I always tell people that when they complain about numbers not matching up perfectly to “what I should be” so we’re on the same page.

Thats just realllly drastic as far as a difference goes. I can’t help but wonder what else might be going on.

As I said im not doubting anything your saying I’m just trying to figure out what exactly is different that causes such low levels on a dose like that

There’s nothing else going on. I’ve never taken steroids until Jan 2017. When I did started, it was from a TRT. Started low, now high. Closely monitored with labs. I have a severe hypogonadism and my body doesn’t response well to test. TRT made a few bucks from me because it’s private and they don’t take insurance. I’ve learned a lot and am ready to go on my own. Plus, my TRT will fire me anyway once he learns what I’m planning to do.

Anyway, what should my total T be at when bulking? If I know the numbers I can adjust. I work at a clinic so I can monitor it with labs.

Holy shit. Comment withdrawn.

Maybe don’t use a lot of test for a blast then? Perhaps other compounds might be better given that information. Maybe EQ or nandrolone will be more efficient.

Well I’m on 750mg/week and my total T is almost 5000. And I’m bulking up very well. I’d imagine you’d need a monster dose to reach those levels. I’m sure you could bulk on less

Heres another thing total T matters but what really matters is free T.

But as iron said maybe find another AAS to bulk. In order to get your T in the thousands your gonna need a gram+ Id imagine and at that point the sides might not be worth it.

Only one way to find out tho!

My research said my first should only restrict to one compound plus T. What other stack do you recommend?

So why arent you goigng the VA? The VA ships all my shit right to the door.


What did you stack with 750mg of T?

I think you could ignore your Total T and focus more on your FT since that’s what matters anyway. There’s no magic number you reach to hit a ‘bulking’ zone…just have a decent amount of FT available, train enough give the muscles the stimulus they need to grow, feed them and rest. That’s it.

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One new compound at a time is recommended, yes. But since you’re already on test you can make another new addition. EQ is probably a safer bet than nandrolone. The dbol is fine and you can add it mid cycle or near the end, that way you’ll get a feel for the EQ and be able to get to use the dbol.

The VA doesn’t hand out steroids. I work in the VA. Unless I got balls cancer, the VA wouldn’t give out T. I’m not service connected for hypogonadism. Funny thing is that my service connection is what’s paying for my T.