How Much Time Off is Too Much?

Considering I’m round about your age, I’ll give you a bit of my experience so far.

I’ve noticed that the heavier your weights gets the more in tune you need to be with giving yourself a break. In my opinion, I think young ones such you and Myself on up to perhaps 27-30 could probably benefit from doing a one day on one day off, versus two on one off. When it comes to cycling your training days. It’s just something i noticed and It may or may not apply to certain folks.

What’s your nutrition looking like? How many calories are you consuming a day? How much protein? How much rest do you typically get? I ask these questions because in some cases a week or even two weeks worth of rest benefits a heck of a lot folks.

Also there’s really nothing wrong with switching/adapting to certain life situations as well. In your case this is a happy situation so maybe take up doing some drills, conditioning, systems work, body weight stuff, etc.

Everyone’s body recovers and degresses differently. But considering you’re very young, you’ll get your strength back and then some, regardless.

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It’s not too much, especially if you’re strong. It’s good to take 2 week active rest periods to allow your body to fully adapt, which a 1 week deload every month or two allows almost fully, but that’s not 100% you still have bones etc that need to heal, and it might take 2 weeks for many hormones to balance back out and to recover, not sure about the SRA of the nervous system, but i’m sure for it to optimally recover it could be 2 weeks for that too.

you’re safe, it’s healthy. What you’re doing should be done like twice a year for strong lifters, but with like 50% intensity and volume rather than no training at all.

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Thanks man! I had only been powerlifting for like a month when I posted that so I didn’t have any idea of what would happen to me!! Since then I’ve taken 3-5 days off at a time with absolutely no worries. I appreciate the response :slight_smile:

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Arbitrary deloads waste time. A monthly deload wastes three months out of the year. How about instead you learn to modulate your variables so you don’t need a deload.