How Much Time For Resting?

I just started on the Mutation Workout on Monday, and my GOD I am sore. Monday I did arms and shoulders, then Tuesday i did Chest and Back. I rested yesterday because it hurt just to stretch, and i also rested today because I dont wanna injure myself. Was that ok to do? or should I have tuffed it out?

You will hear mixed opinions. Some say train through soreness, some say don’t work the same muscles again until you feel recovered.
If I remember correctly, you are fairly
new to lifting. Maybe your best bet is continue to train through the soreness, but go light. As much as light weight for high reps is bashed, it has it’s purpose.
True, by going light, you may not be stimulating growth, but there are several benefits. You are still going to the gym and getting your mind/body on a schedule. You are using the muscles, keeping them from getting to tight, and increasing circulation (which helps flush the toxins). Plus, you still train when you are sore, but won’t cause any further damage. Doing so will help build mental toughness.

alright thanx alot man