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How Much Time for 20-Rep Squat Set?

Hello all!

How much time should 20 rep squat set in the 20 rep squat routine take? With all the breathing and psyching myself up between each rep at heavier weights, it is taking a while.


If you’re doing the “breathing squats” with three giant breaths after every rep… It takes an absolute eternity. That’s what it feels like anyway. In real time it’s probably less than 2 minutes.

Why are you worried about the time it takes? You have somewhere to be? That squats and milk program is what… 3.5 hours/week training?

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3 to 4 minutes was about average for me.

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It’ll take as long as it takes. The key to 20-rep squats is doing all 20 reps and gradually adding weight. You don’t progress by shaving time off the set. If it takes you 3:45 to do 20 reps with 225 this week but takes 4:15 to do 20 reps with 235 next week, that’s fine.

To paraphrase Rippetoe, the goal of strength training is not conditioning.

Also, a quick check for “20 rep squats” on Youtube shows a lot of videos in the 2 to 5-minute range. They’re likely not all “breathing squats” though. Some are plain old sets of 20 reps with a more manageable weight.

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Three to five minutes probably.

I don’t think there’s a set time. The only rule I’ve read about is you can’t rack the bar until you’re finished.

3-5mins seems pretty manageable.

Sorry guys, you’re all wrong. The answer is 1min 29s.



No 3 big breaths between reps. 3 reds all around, haha.


Damn fine print…

By the way, I just started SVR II last night. I thought it was interesting when I first read it, but definitely wouldn’t have tried it if I hadn’t seen you do it in your log. So I appreciate the misery that you have caused me.
Although, I’m not sure I’m man enough to widowmaker the deadlift for week 1. It may be a FSL supplemental day.

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Aw come on; WM deadlift is like the only reason to DO SVR II, haha. Absolutely my favorite day for generating misery.

Glad you decided to give the program a go. Definitely my favorite so far. Each week is a new challenge.


I did 4” deficit pulls last week, worked up to a heavy single then did a set of 30 @65% of said single. Afterwards, as I was lying down next to the bar, I wondered why I thought it was a good idea.

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You guys are all fucking crazy lol.


What the actual F@#$.

Yep, my thoughts exactly.

This is a prescribed 20reps @ 70% of my TM, and I’m debating on backing out after how defeated I felt from my 20reps @ 70% on squats yesterday. Time will tell.

when I did 20 rep squats for a few months, I don’t think I spent more than 90 seconds under the bar on any given set. I wanted to knock out the reps as quickly as possible. I basically knocked out the first 8 or so consecutively, then like 3 or 4, then 3, then ‘singles’ per breath. The 3 breaths per rep thing sounds like death. I would not want to be under the bar for 4 fucking minutes. No way.

Just do whatever suits you mentally. Any method will be quite effective. At the end of the day, it’s still 20 reps.


It is what makes Super Squats just absolutely awful. Also part of how you can do the whole “Do your 10RM for 20 reps” thing. It’s really just a rest pause set, but you rest with the bar on your back instead of in the rack.

Although I suppose, since you take 3 deep breaths, you’re actually squatting your 1rm for 20 reps according to some posters from the past.


Pretty interesting!

3 to 5 minutes of squats?

You guys are nuts, it’s squatting not having sex! :stuck_out_tongue:

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3 to 5 minutes for sex?

You are nuts, it’s a race. I stand by my original answer, 1min 29s.


Im like usain bolt. I last 9.58 seconds :wink: