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How much time do you spend on food?

Everyone please reply.

How much time do you spend on food? What is your typical daily menu?

lets hear it!

Fuck that shit, I gots an apple

Jeez, when it comes to food, my day all but holds few precious hours of sunlight to relaxe my poor stomach. Well i eat pretty high calories, even on leaning phases. Normally i would eat 2 hours apart if nothing interfered with my day. A meal, to cook the meat, relax and grind it down usually takes 20-30 minutes to eat. Though once during the day, i have to make do with a small snack between classes, ie… protein shake with a bag of nuts. Also i shop almost daily for fresh greens. So you do the math, cause im flunking it.

My food costs $300-$400 a month.

I’ve managed to lower my food bill by doing most of my shopping at Sam’s Club and buying in bulk. I now spend about $300 a month on food, not including supplements. I typically eat five to six meals a day. A typical day would be like this. BREAKFAST: Protein shake, OJ, vitamins, other supplements or 4-6 egg omlette with all sorts of veggies. LUNCH: Leftovers from dinner before. Could be chicken breast, sweet potato and other veggie and maybe yogurt or a piece of fruit or any number of other typical meals that I eat consisting of beef, chicken or fish. SNACK: Cottage cheese (16oz) and fruit. POST-WORKOUT: Relentless post-workout shake. DINNER: Could be similar to lunch or seafood and veggies, or steak and veggies, or beef and veggies or the occasional seafood/meat and pasta. I eat a variety of different things for dinner/lunch consisting of a lean meat and veggies. SNACK: Could be a protein shake or some raw nuts or something like that. As for how much time I spend on food, what do you mean? How long it takes me to eat? How long it takes me to make? That all depends on the meal.

I never leave the kitchen! I’m either cooking something, eating something, or cleaning up something. And if I’m not in the kitchen I’m either at the gym or grocery store.

This can get interesting if people go along with this post. Either way here is my days worth:

I usually start my day with oatmeal mixed with dried berries and some sort of chocolate for taste as well as 2 scoops protein w/milk.

two hours after I havea a shake, cottage cheese with dried berries, or a sick bar.

Lunch is usually two chicken sandwiches with whole grain bread and veggies

two hours later a mrp bar or granola bar with protein shake about two hours before boxing.

dinner usually chicken salad with brown rice, veggies, half chicken breast with rice, the other half with salad. That’s about it.

supplements:Power drive before boxing, eca(ephedra free! argh)stack before weights, vitamin C, 1g alpha lipoic acid, 400mcg of Chromium Histidinate, 100mg of 5-HTP!!!

that’s it.

I eat 6 times a day. 3 of those meals are protein shakes with fruit or oatmeal. One meal is usually cottage cheese plus fruit. The other 2 meals are chicken, beef or tuna with veggies or pasts. We have 2 kids and I am a business owner so there is no way I have the time to make 6 solid food meals. Plus I would get sick of the chewing.

Clintpatty- I got you burned, bigtime!!! my food bill is around $150-200 a week. I take in about 4600 calories of good whole foods, which are pricey in my colleg town… My daily menu varies greatly, and is HUGE, but i eat a ton of cracked wheat bread, turkey, chicken, oatmeal, fruit, pasta, cottage cheese, cheese, milk, red meat out the wazzoo, and some protein supplementation. I am an eater by nature, so very rarely do i have a problem getting enough calories in due to appetite, and i eat every 2 hours. school seems to be hellbent on keeping me from my eating schedule, but my second backpack seems to help that.

Fresh whole-food meals all the time are too time consuming. Couple times a week I cook up a bunch of a particular meat (including beef, poultry, or seafood) or a meat salad, and a moderate amount of high-protein pasta (though I don’t count the protein towards my daily protein intake). Then I can use the microwave afterwards. These work for Lunches and Suppers unless I go out to eat. Before work, I blend enough for two protein shakes. Usually fix breakfast which usually includes frying a bunch of eggs. Sometimes I make enough oatmeal for a few days microwaving. That’s the gist of the most time-consuming parts of preparing what I eat. Buying meat in bulk when on sale and preparing the same foods in bulk for days of future microwaving is not always the tastiest way to eat, but it saves a lot of money and time while getting the job done as far as nutrition goes.

I personaly am a very loosy cook. So I bought myself a George Foreman grill. So when I need some grub I just George it! I don’t really believe in its fat removing effect (and neither do I care about it because I’m currently on a low carb diet). But I can cook meat very fast … 1-2 minutes for 2 steaks. I basically eat that 3 times per day! I will also George some chicken breasts from time to time.

when i want to get my weight up/build some new muscle. i make a 3000-5000k shake and put it in a gallon milk jug. i drink on that thing all day and it has to be gone before i go to bed.
my formulae:2scoops of whey
2tbspn of light olive oil
1 cup of oatmeal
= about 1000k 40gms(usable) protein/75gms carbs/30gms mono fat. so drink that 3-5 times a day plus other food. this is the cheapest shake mix ive come across. works good but if your not eating alot of fiber it takes a bit for your stomach to get used to the oatmeal. also drink alot of water cause this takes a while to digest.


not sure. but we have a points system at my uni, and this semester, i managed to eat all of my points on the mega plan + $150 extra of points.

Good tip Christian, I fucking hate oven baking stuff. One question though, i’ve seen it’s quite small in size so it it thesable for me to lug this thing around with me to work and such? 1-2 miniutes cooking time for meats and fish should be the answer to all our problems.

I bought the single unit which is indeed very small (12" x 9" x 4") and relatively light (4-5lbs). The 1-2 minutes is for thin steaks. For thicker ones it’s more like 3-4 minutes. Still a good deal for less than 50$ for the single unit (which is really a misnomer considering that I’ve cooked 2-3 steaks at the same time).

Christian demonstrates the beauty of the English language: You can make a verb out of anything. Just george it!

I used to have a George Foreman Grill too. The damn thing broke on me. Probably b/c I was using it 3 times/day. I guess it’s not that uncommon though and is bound to happen. It was very easy to cook but a pain in the ass to clean up. Since I have switched to the grill. I spend $500/month on food which includes all my protein and surge. Not too bad.

Now that I’m not bodybuilding any more I have effectively reduced my mortgage by 5 years and it will be paid in full by next year. That just gives you some indication of what I used to spend in way of supporting my bodybuilding ‘habit’. And I never used to spend much in the way of supplements except for the odd protein poweder.

Incessantly preparing, eating and then cleaning up after eating is the one thing I don't miss about not bodybuilding any more.

Biotest should develop a "drip-like" supplement where you can just hook yourself up and receive a days calories (now with low carb and massive eating options!) without all the messing around with meal planning, cooking, eating, cleaning, repeat ad infinitum.

I hate to sabotage this thread, but have you stopped lifting? If not, what nutritional program are you currently following?

I’m curious because I’ve just begun Ori’s Warrior diet and have experienced very positive results in a short time. I wanted to know if you followed a similar or different plan that goes against the grain of status quo plans.

What exactly is the Warrior diet? I’m guessing that’s where you eat like a paleolithic caveman, and only consume things that you can pick or stab with a spear…anyhow, what kind of meal combinations can you use on the warrior diet?