How Much Time Do You Spend at the Gym?

How long does it take you to finish your training? and how long is too long? Let’s Discuss :smiley:

90-120 minutes four days a week.

As long as it takes lol.

I’m not fussed directly with the time spent in the gym, rather I’m focused on the overall quality of the workout.

  • Did I complete every necessary set to the desired level of overload?
  • How are the target muscles feeling after the workout?
  • How much energy have I got left in me?
  • Did I break or equal any personal bests?

Just some of many questions I ask myself.

Generally 90 minutes would be the norm for me now. 2 years ago I was doing 2 to 3 hour sessions, but I’ve become more efficient and effective doing the same or more work in less time. Sometimes it drops to 60 minutes, other days it might take me 2 hours + to get everything done. After 90 minutes, my energy levels start to take a dive which to me is a sure sign that I’m being told to get my ass home and eat. lol

Yeah I have been training more muscle groups per session hence the longer training periods. I usally pair 2-3 muscles per workout. But when I was training bodypart weekly, 40-60 minutes was usually all it took to effectively hit each muscle.

My sessions probably average an hour and a half nowadays, 5x a week.

I also do cardio separate from lifting.

45 minutes to 1hr 10 minutes depending on the day. I lift 5 days a week, sometimes a short 6th one doing a lil extra hammy, upper back, and ab work.

[quote]austin_bicep wrote:
Yeah I have been training more muscle groups per session hence the longer training periods. I usally pair 2-3 muscles per workout. But when I was training bodypart weekly, 40-60 minutes was usually all it took to effectively hit each muscle.[/quote]

Yea I’ve switched from multiple groups to a body part split now, and 40 to 60 is really all I need to hit mine.

Depends on if im training people and the muscle groups. but 90-180min.

About 1 hour 5 days a week, when I’m with the trainer. More when I’m helping people.

40-45 minutes, 4-5 days per week.

EDIT: I meant 5-6 days a week.

I seriously don’t count up the time I take. I rather focus on doing everything with quality. If I feel I didn’t get enough from what I usually do for some reason, then I simply add up more sets or one extra exercise.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I trained about 2 hours a day. I just get my shit done, rest, get more shit done and leave. No matter how much science and invisible “studies” say it’s counter productive to stay in the gym more than 1 hour, I really don’t care about that, my results speak for themselves.

And yes, I don’t do anything besides working and studying for college so I have spare time to train.

I used to get all worried about spending more time than the “prescribed” 45 minutes to an hour, but somewhere along the way, I realized I was spending 90 minutes there. I was seriously concerned… for all of time it took me to realize that I had been making progress despite spending “too much” time at the gym. What I found to be the case, is that as long as your recovery aspects (nutrition, supplementation, sleep) can support your training, there is no such thing as doing too much. Shaun Clarida routinely spends 2-3 hours in the gym, and the guy is one of the top natural pros in the world.

With that said,… I’m there offseason 5x a week for about 90 mins, and during prep 7x a week for 90-120 mins depending on what I have to get done.


I used to laugh at my brother years ago staying in the gym 60+mins (the studies said he’d shrink)…after a while I learned from him lol

Just goes to show optimal training is not related to just hormones.


Schedule has been forcing me to train within an hour (read: about 45 mins of real training) on M and W, which is usually Bench/Chest and Leg days, respectively.

These are days that are normally longer. I’ve ended up adding 2nd chest movements at the end of shoulder day (higher rep scheme) and breaking my legs out into 2 days (quads/calf and hams/calf on the other).

I’m still inching up with progress in this scheme, so I imagine there’s an element of the diet being in check and less volume on a given day (but equal volume through the training cycle) hasn’t seemed to matter much.

When I’m on the road, I’m usually forced into much shorter training sessions.

On weekdays, I work out on my lunch break so I get about 45 minutes a day during the week. It’s not enough, so I try to supplement a 2nd short workout in my basement gym when I get home. In a perfect world, I think my average workout would be about 80 minutes. 10 of those spent stretching. I usually work out about 6 days a week. Never less than 5. I could be done faster, but I like longer than average rest periods (90+ seconds on heavy exercises).

Somewhere between 30 and 90 minutes, 5 to 6 times a week.

90 - 120 min.
Currently doing 20 min HIIT after my lifting sessions (I treat it as quad training).

And sometimes even longer, since more and more people are walking up to me for advice and/or spotting help.
And, for better or worse, I’ve met quite a few cool people in the gym and sometimes I just talk shop with them, thereby also getting the occasional useful info for my training.
And no, I’m not ashamed of this as long as it doesn’t interfere with my training.

always used short sessions (less than one hour).
now that i’m training in my own wh/garage gym (alone,not waiting for people using machines etc etc) I used to meausure session time with my stopwatch; 40m (included warm-ups) per sessions if I use a double splits 4xweek, about 22m for a 3ways split 2xweek.

3 sets Hernonish routine (5 reps/8reps/12 reps) or two Rest pause set (8/4/2 plus a widowmaker set) take very short time,
I need 5 minutes to warm up ramping for bench,rows or squatlift (when I will bench 500lb I presume I need more than 5 minutes w/u LOL) and w/u is longer than my sets (excluding rest time between sets…).

have to say that after this short sessions i’m well toasted (especially when doing legs) and two times I fell down the spiral staicases of my w/h gym LOL
just coming back from public gym where I go once a week for using machines and did lats and legs; 3 sets of pulldowns plus a widowmaker,3 sets of fat man row,2 RP sets of legpress,2 RP sets of leg curl,38min.
2 years ago when I come back to lifting i used for 5 months 5x5 Bill Star,well I can’t say it doesnt work but the long resting (3/4min) between sets really broked my balls…

60-75 minutes, because it’s either my kids or wife waiting for me. I would love to go for two hours. Just can’t happen. Leg or back days take the longest.

about 60 to 90 mins a session 6 to 7 days a week . my gyms in my garage so its no problem to train when i can sometimes 6am sometimes 10pm depending on obligations . ive always treated my training like a part time job and very very rarely miss a workout . like stu says as long as your nutrition n rest/sleep is in order you can manage a hell of alot .