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How Much Time Between Cycles?

Hey guys I just took my last shot of Test, which I was on for 10 week. I also was using Deca mid cycle, but only about 3 times, since I was planning on cutting the cycle short. Week 12 I will start the clomid for 2 weeks. Now, myquestion is How long do I have to wait to start the next cycle? This cycle I was on 200 Mg Deca, and 400 Mg Test E, should I bump the next cycle up at all? I am currently 5’9" 220lbs.

You’re only doing Clomid for 2 weeks?

Time on + PCT = Time off

I think everyone recovers at different rates. If you’ve got the money and/or good insurance, you could get bloodwork done before a cycle to see where your normal levels are. Then, after the cycle, when you “feel” back to normal, you can get another one to see if you’re back to your previous levels.

Now, if you’re one who is convinced that once your are back to normal your are ready for another cycle, this is a good way to go. Otherwise, like DOHCrazy2 said, Time On + PCT = Time off seems to be the general rule of thumb. The latter is probably your best option assuming you didn’t have pre-cycle bloodwork done.

Recovery with Deca is longer, even if you give it like 5 weeks to clear, it still seems to slow recovery noticeably in some.

That said, two weeks of clomid probably isn’t enough to recovery from anything longer than a 4-5 week shorty cycle where shutdown is milder.

No HCG + Deca + 12 weeker…Id go for a 4 week PCT just because, its not like SERM’s are expensive or anything.

The shortest break I would recommend is Time on = Time off…with the PCT included in time off counting.

So really for a ten week cycle, your waiting 10 weeks, but 4 of those weeks are PCT.

So really its 6 weeks of normalcy.

And remember you still need to think about total time spent on versus time spent off during the year…