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How Much Time Before Repeating a Specialization Routine?

Dr Darden,

How long a break before you recommend doing another turn of the same specialization routine? Same time a break as time spent on routine? Any general guideline - 4 weeks?

Three or four weeks is a nice guide.

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How would You handle it long term if you had a really weak body part and a very strong body part. I’m my case upper thighs are as big as I want them but calves are my worst body part. How would you program this factor long term over a year let’s say?

Calves is a bit different/can be ultimate stubborn group -often need to blast them almost year round, say 6 months on one month off.

Look at your cardio also …hill sprints and hard intervals on rower like below can really help…

I don’t think a rower is going to build your calves…

I rowed crew up to a Division 1 level alongside hundreds and hundreds of athletes from dozens of countries… It can help, and much more so than something like cardio bunny machines/elliptical etc

If we are talking calves you want everything on your side

If you have something positive to contribute to the thread? please, go ahead

Nope I was born with big calves and have just made them bigger over time with standing calf raises. Good genetics + providing a growth stimulus through progressive resistance exercise. I believe those to be the two requisites. Dr. Darden could probably better answer the specifics of how often to implement the calf specialization routines than I, since that’s who he seems to be asking.

Small calves: I believe I would try two or three times per week for four weeks. Then, off for two weeks. And repeat like this for many months.