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How Much Test?


I have been thinking of running an EQ, Tren, Winnie cycle. Now i realize that if i want to keep giving it to the wife im going to have to add some test. I was planning on adding some Test E. The purpose of this cycle however is to keep incredibly cut and make some lean gains. My question is, how many mg/week should i run of the test to keep my goods at their best and not experience any water retention and bloating?


Just to add to my post I've been hearing that the test may not even be needed to keep everything working. Also its been suggested that I up the tren winnie doses and drop the EQ all together. Any experience or input on these two things would be greatly appreciated.


I would suggest having some test on hand in case erectile problems arise, but don't think it's absolutely necessary to include test in every cycle.

Honestly, even with the use of AAS it is very difficult to accomplish the goal of adding lbm and shedding a significant amount of bodyfat. With that being said, I personally would choose to structure my cycle around ONE of the former goals.



My concern isnt really with dropping my body fat any lower. I was just interested in doing a cycle without test and some of its sides that i'd like to stay away from in the summer months. I've heard great results from the combo of tren acetate and winnie is the addition of eq worthwhile?


the EQ will boost your red blood cell count, and make you more vascular (as well as increase your strength and endurance a lot)....i guess that would give you the illusion of being "cut"