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How Much Test with Eq?

I need some advice on running EQ. My history includes test only cycles, test/deca, and dbol sometimes thrown in for kick starts. Deca has given me prior ED issues so I wanted to give EQ a try next time. I plan on running 500mg EQ per week for 15 weeks. I’ve read longer cycles are ideal for EQ. Does anybody know the minimum amount of test I can run with EQ? I’m on TRT already but I figured I would bump it to 250mg/week of test C while running the EQ. I don’t want to go to high as I don’t want issues with RBC/hematocrit. Any advice?

TEST kept on a higher-level or slightly above of TRT dosage is good for libido and E2-production purposes. 200-300 mg/wk of TE would be more than enough from my knowledge, but it’s not PROBABLY necessary (EQ is a weak androgen, yes, but with 500 mg/wk you shouldn’t need much TE).

In my opinion, you should keep your TRT dosage of TEST (if libido and others are good) and add as much EQ as possible for your anabolic purposes. If libido problem would occur, I’d rather add some MAST than bump up your TE.

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EQ disclaimer: in post after post on another site there is confirmation (with blood work) that EQ—for some unknown reason—is causing guys to crash their e2 in the absence of enough test. Guys running no AI, but low test and high EQ are coming back with e2 readings in the low 20’s down to the teens. For whatever reason there is some metabolite of EQ that acts as an AI for some guys. So if you’re going to run it with a trt dose of test then do not add an AI unless you have symptoms and/or blood work to prove that your e2 is actually elevated. This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the Council for Responsible Use of EQ

BOLD is known to aromatize at approximately 50% the rate of testosterone (500 mg/wk of BOLD means sufficient E2 production). It’s metabolism to an AI - diketo derivative (ADD, boldione) is significant. However, the matter of it’s anti-estrogenic strenght is somewhat controversial (like with MAST), bloodwork is required (as it always is).

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Said anti estrogenic derivitave of boldenone is sold OTC here. (Not sure about USA), someone could try it, take bloods and post. Would be interesting

Any contenders (not me)

That’s useful information, thanks Chem.

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Thanks gents. I think I will go with the 250mg test C per week and 500mg EQ. I’m not going to run an AI, I don’t even thing I will run low dose nolva this time as I have with my past blasts for gyno prevention.