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How Much Test Propionate 100mg with 500mg Cyp?

If I was currently running 500mg test cyp/week, how much Test propionate (strength 100mg/ml) would I run per week to have comparable levels? I would be discontinuing the cyp due to supply issues. With the shorter ester chain, I would get more test sooner from pro and I wanna maintain essentially the same test levels. Pinning every 3.5 days. I figure I’ll start doing 125mg/eod but would prefer to do 100mg eod (400mg/week) and just want to know if levels would still be comparable to 500mg/week cyp. Thanks.

Prop is a short ester. I would pin M-W-F or every other day.

At what dose? If I did 400mg/week, with the body having the ability to utilize more of the hormone (from what I have read) would that be pretty close to what my body would utilize of cyp at 500mg/week?

I have always used them as the same dosage. Test is test. The kick in time is different along with the half life.

Since no one gave an exact number, my OCDish tendencies killed me to the point where I had to answer this even though I have exams so here we go.

You’re using 500mg of test cyp/wk right. So how much PURE testosterone are you getting weekly?

The molecular weight (amount of grams it takes to equate to one mole of testosterone is 288.431 grams), the amount of grams it takes to equate to one mole of testosterone cypionate is 412.614 grams) therefore we need to figure out what percentage of testosterone cypionate is testosterone. so 288.431/412.614 to which we get 0.699, so 69.9 percent of testosterone cypionate is pure testosterone while the remaining 30.1 percent is the weight of the ester. So if we say 500*.699 = 349.5 mgs of testosterone

Now if take the molecular weight of testosterone (288.431) and the molecular weight of testosterone propionate (344.495) and divide 288.431/344.495 we get 0.837 so 100*.837 = 83.7 so 83.7*X = 349.5 (note every 83.7mg = 100mgs of test prop) = 4.175 = 417.5 mg of testosterone propionate and to see if I’m right

417.5*.837 = 349.4475 which rounds off to… 349.5.

You’re answer is 417.5mgs of test prop is equal to 500mgs of test cyp

These numbers aren’t exact, it’s off by 1mg or so because the calculator gave some answers with like .59413859234759234 therefore I rounded