How Much Test Do You Guys usually Cruise On?

I’ve seen numbers from 100-500mg a week, so I’m just curious on how much Test you guys run during a “cruise”. Also, if one were to cruise at a higher dose 250mg+ what are some precations they can take to negate negative side effects and stay healthier?

Test stays at 200 year round for me. When I blast it stays the same I just run higher compounds of other aas.


Is TRT considered a Cruise? If so I’m at 160. Once in a while I’ll get random acne and a little bit of anxiety which might be from my AI. I’m dropping the AI tomorrow to see how I do without it. Zeek do you have sides at that amount?

No I don’t have sides or run an AI. I don’t use an AI no matter what I’m taking even when running dbol at 50mg/day

Were all different tho what works for me might not work for others. In regard to blasting you have to experiment and find what fits you. The same with trt/cruise. Some might use 100/week others 250.

Where does 200 put you on TT and FT when you check bloods.
I run 200 per week, no AI, no sides. Usually puts me in the high 1200’s. I also donate blood every 2-4 months.


A cruise is basically TRT minus the doctor and the legality. So if you’re back at normal levels with Xmgs/w then that’s a good cruise dose. A cruise over 200mg is probably not really a cruise unless the user is a major under-responder. Pretty much every male is going to be at the high end of the range with that dose. Very few will need more than that.

Gotcha. Thanks!

Oh man I rarely check tt/ft/E2 just because I pay for my own monthly bloods and I can get liver/cholesterol and cbc for cheap without the male hormone panel and sense keeping my test dose the same my numbers don’t move much last time I did I was around 1400 my ft was extremely high because I generally run a dht like mast low dose with cruise I just recently switched to proviron 50mg/day which I’m gonna continue on cruise at the end of this blast so il check tt/ft/E2 a month or so into cruise to get an idea where I’m at.

I dont dontate never had a need. I’d just do it myself if the need arises.

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You just do what yourself? Blood letting? You crazy fucker. I bet your wife would love that. I can inject myself just fine, but actually tapping a vein would be a different story for me.


I cruise at my TRT dose of 140mg/wk. Test levels in the 900s so upper range, same with FT. I blast 1-2 times per year.

Ya I’d never recommend it as general practice to anyone here. But if someones comfortable doing it or has the help of somone who is it’s much easier and efficient then going thru all the paperwork and shit at a clinic or wherever it is people go.

As long as I didn’t do it in the bathroom she would be ok. That’s where the fine marble is.

So, you have a nice bathroom then?

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Yea F that! Lol. I can pin myself but with my luck I’ll bleed out.


I’ve done this myself… once…over a year ago now… Not going into specifics, nor how I did it as I don’t wish for others to replicate my actions. Worked without consequence though, just an incredibly stupid thing for me (at the time to do), esp considering my HCT was like… in the mid-upper 40’s…

Maybe we should try leeches :joy::joy:


I’ve already got them. They are children.


It’s gets worse the older they get


125mg per week for me. this actually has me just above my natural levels. 19 naturally and 23 on cruise but fuck trying to split my amp to the precise decimal point I need. 9-30 is our norms.

school, school supplies, college, food, puberty, insurance, clothes, puberty, medical fees, babysitters, PUBERTY, housing… a wonderful remainder of what may be to come :slight_smile:

O shit… WEDDING EXPENSES, Jesus… almost forgot that one

My cruise dose is between 150-200mg, 200mg gets me to around 34 nmol I believe