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How Much Tamoxifen Can You Take Short Term?

Hi all, definitely got some breast growth. About 7 weeks into a protocal- itchy and can feel lumps growing.

I’ve been sporadic in using tamoxifen when I can feel lumps itchy.

I’m due bloods in 6 days so not going to switch anything up until after then… however, how much tamoxifen can I take safely now for the next 10 days or so until blood results come back?

I took 20mg yesterday 10mg am and 10mg pm.

Taken another 10mg this morning

Probably a lot. Women being treated for breast cancer take larger amounts than you’re taking. The issue is side effects and whether or not you get them with increased frequency as you increase the dose. But the risk is probably lower than the risk of letting gyno run rampant. You’re just going to have to monitor your sides and determine what the limit is.

20mg a day be ok then?

Could it alter my bloods?

I’ve taken 40mg/day and didn’t enjoy it. Weird anxiety & jitteriness. Wouldn’t go over 10-20mg daily

I swear Tamoxifen is making this worse- is it possible

A) I can feel increased itching in my breast mass as a result of the tamoxifen binding with receptors there and its not growth occurring butnI can feel the receptors being bound to the drug?

B) I’m only about 7 weeks into TRT- if I havent actually fully shut down the Tamoxifen is making my balls work a bit so Ive got even more Test that is aromatasing.

C) my E2 has just gone so high the Tamoxofen is doing naff all at 20mg per day?

Bloods on the 10th Nov-