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How Much T Stays in Body w/ 100mg Wkly?


I heard the average male produces 7mg testosterone daily . If you put in 100mg test weekly it will shut down the daily natural production . What will the end number be after 8 weeks of use in mg measurement . Also how long after the injection does it take to amortize 100mg and approx how much of it will amortize of the 100mg


Metabolize, not amortize! :wink:

100mg T ester will absolutely shut you down

Your levels after 8 weeks may be in the 800-900 pg/ml range. But we do see guys who fall outside of that both ways.

One week after a single injection, T levels will be quite low as residual E2 keeps your own production from starting up.

With repeated weekly injections, levels at the end of 7 days can be low enough and E2 levels high enough to make many feel a mess.

100mg T eth/cyp yields about 70 mg T or 10mg T per day from 100mg/week. Many toss out that T production of a youthful virile male is around 10mg, not 7mg.

It is not clear what you are asking or needing.


That was a great response from you - I am just trying to figure out what is going on with my body - I don’t take an AI yet ( dr did not rx me one ) I am getting ED - I need to get some levels checked and get dr to give AI