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How much T is suppressive ?

How low does a half-life dose of T need to get before it is no longer suppressive

If the HL of enthanate (sp?) at 400 mg is 200 in 5 days, 100 in 10, 50 at 15 days, is that 50mg still suppressing the endogenous T production ?

Roughly speaking the 100 mg/week level of testosterone is about 50% suppressive of natural T production. I’d call that still
significantly suppressive. I expect that
half that level, the 50 mg/week level, is
not substantially suppressive and doesn’t
interfere with recovery.

So yes, I’d figure it as you did: if taking
400 mg/week for a while, then 5 days later
you’re at the 200 mg/week level – still
quite suppressive; 10 days later you’re
at the 100 mg/week level, which is basically
normal testosterone hormone replacement
therapy level and is substantially suppressive,
and as you get past 10 days your T levels
are now falling below normal, which sucks
if natural production is not replacing it;
and at 15 days levels of injected T have
dropped enough that it should not be
interfering substantially with recovery.

Thx Bill, What I get from this is, it is possible to use a longer acting ester for a 2 week cycle if one keeps the single initial dose rather low 350-400 mg, and stack this with short acting substances like androsol and or orals. Make sense?

Yes, you can, and quite a few guys have used
750 mg of enanthate or Sustanon on day 1 successfully, still getting fast recovery in week 2. Keep in mind that injecting 750 mg
as the only injection (not having any remaining
drug from previous weeks since there were no
previous weeks) does NOT get blood levels
up to the “750 mg/week level.” It maybe gets
them to about the 400 or at most 500 mg/week

This is because at 500 mg/week, you’d still
have at least 250 mg/week left over from
previous weeks as well as having the 500
mg you just injected.

So at day 15, levels dropping by about 8 times,
you are probably at about the 60 mg/week level.
In any case, it works, and especially if
you stack with orals during the “on” weeks
this works. (If not, if the 750 mg is all
you take, not all that much will happen,

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