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How Much T for a Boost? Not a Lifter

How much testoviron (250mg/1ml) would you recommend just for TRT purposes? I’ve taken it before and I like the boost it gives me. I’m not a lifter. My t is 21.2 (8.8 -27.9) my estradiol is below 92pmol/l (range below 161)

Get complete labs first. TT and E2 are not an adequate snapshot. TT, FT, E2, SHBG, FSH, LH

Typical TRT dose is 150mg/wk. Most do fine on one injection per week but I advocate to split it up into two injections. (Ie 75mg Sun, 75mg Weds)


Don’t think I’d start TRT for that. But a cycle maybe? What’s the end goal here?

Hey. For a little more context I was taking testoviron injections and stopped before Christmas. The reason I stopped is because I did try building, briefly, and took two vials of deca. I shut myself down. When the deca wore off the testoviron no longer worked…testicular atrophy water retention etc. So i did a six week nolvadex PCT and took as much clomid as I could handle (side effects are so bad) which ended around a week ago. In 2-4 weeks I want to start taking testoviron again because I feel so much better on it but last time round I was stupid and didn’t do any bloods and never got any guidance. I definitely want to go back on it… sensibly. So this is my baseline. I also did some blood exactly three weeks after my last shot and they included shgb and FSH etc and everything was within normal range. I just can’t find those results - but they were comprehensive. I can ask my doctor for them.

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This shut you down long before the Deca.

Deca has its own list of side effects you could be experiencing now.

If I’m reading it right you were on TRT, stopped and did Deca only, then went back on TRT but stopped and did a PCT. Is that right?

I’d get some updated labs and go back on the test if warranted. Or give it a couple more weeks and see if the PCT worked.

Yes that’s pretty much it - over the course of about a year. The deca was well over six months ago but I took a stack of testoviron at the same time - we’re talking maybe 1000mg in one week so I guess that well and truly shut me down. I’m now one week post PCT and I’ve got a libido, morning wood etc so it looks like it worked?! I’m going to wait a month before I go back on TRT to give my body some post PCT rest then I’ll do full bloods before I start. Get the baseline I never got when I first started taking TRT. I have one box of nolvadex left and 4*50mg clomid left.

Sounds like it. Get labs & work with a dr if you want to start TRT again

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Why are you bouncing back and forth between cycles, PCT, then TRT?

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It all started as a kind of an accident. I was depressed and a psychiatrist in Mexico said get your testosterone checked. When I went to a clinic the doctor said ‘why wait for blood tests I’ll just give you a shot of T and you can see how you feel’! And I felt great so I kept taking it for a year or so with no supervision. I’m well aware of how foolish that was. Then I got into a good gym routine and thought I’d increase it and add deca. Then my estradiol went through the roof and I had to backpedal. Do some research. Educate myself. Fix the damage with a PCT. Confessed to my doctor lol. They’ve done the bloods and say I’m back to normal. But I want to go back to the trt use/abuse because I liked it…until I overdid it. I’m talking like therapeutic indication - a very low level for the boost it gives my libido and the slight gains in the gym. Slight gains are enough for me I’m not a bodybuilder.

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You should go back and kick him in the ass.

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Ha. Yeah. I actually went in just to ask for bloods and hesitated and finally just said do it. Hopefully now I’m back to square one and ready to use try ‘sensibly’.


My full bloods:

SHBG: 23.3nmol/l (16.2-68.5)
Free androgen index: 102.3 (24.5 - 113.3)
Testosterone: 21.2nmol/l (8.8 - 27.9)
Oestradiol: below 92 (below 161pmol/l)

and I’ve just now realised my doctor didn’t order FSH/LH

Should I lengthen my PCT? Is this more or less ok?

Depends. How long after your last dose of PCT drugs was this blood work?

A week…and I plan to wait up to a month before I start back on the testoviron…