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How Much T Cyp Needed for Significant Gains?

I happen to have a 6 month surplus of T cyp, and I’ve been thinking about doing a blast.

I’m not trying to just pin as much as possible, because I’ve found too much definitely makes me an angry asshole.

Currently on 168mg/week. What would be the minimum needed to see a noticeable boost in gains?

I think 2-3X your TRT dose will move the needle if you run that for around 3 months.

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Like @mnben87 said, double this dose and you’ll prolly see some gains. Were me I’d start with 400-500mg a week and see how you go. If it’s too much drop to 300-350mg


I am more of a believer in the 2.5-3X (and I have done 3X) the TRT dose (200 mg/wk then and currently). Some are more risk adverse, and 2X is a good dose for them.

Another option is start at 2X, and if all is good after 6 weeks, bump it up to 3X for the next 6-10 weeks. That is actually what I did last blast (I was afraid of getting gyno on high test). I know people say not to mess with dosages mid cycle, but I think that is true in some cases, but not all. I think that advice is to keep newbs from doing crazy stuff (like finishing their last two weeks with much higher dosages).

My first cycle was 325 mg/wk test, and having already been on TRT for about a year prior at 150 mg/wk, I was underwhelmed.


I wouldnt do anything under 350-400 unless doing a cruise on trt doses, and that i would still consider a low end, because of how im sensitive to e2.
I believe doing 1amp or 1ml EOD is optimal, which is around 800-1000mg a wk depending on what stuff you use.
Dave Palumbo also has said many times that he finds 1g of test to be optimal.

gtfo here with 1 gram of test needed to grow …no reason what so ever and i dont want to hear well i’m 6’4 280, doesnt matter.


Did you see any substantial gains at 325mg? Or is that what you mean by underwhelmed?

Also, any reason you say 3 months?

I’ve heard both 6 weeks and 12 weeks (3 months).

Yep. Being on trt I already have an advantage, so 325 just didn’t do it for me. I made gains, but they were not what I expected. I also don’t boost much on test, so I didn’t get crazy weight gain like many do.

Maybe it’s needed for some, but not op.

I think using the minimal amount to get were one wants is a great strategy. Sure, I would be stronger if i took a shit ton of gear, but it doesn’t agree with my goals of balancing risk to reward.

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Agreed man. I’m not trying to blow an artery or go to jail just to gain some extra muscle lol.

Few more questions…

  1. How do you guys deal with blood tests come doctor time?
  2. Is there any purpose/use of HCG in a blast? Have a bottle sitting around from my ex who wanted a kid
  3. Should shit hit the fan and I act like some asshole on AAS, would you guys suggest dropping the dose back down, or taking a few days off then resuming a lower dose?
  4. Being new to doing this, are there any health concerns I should watch out for, or do anything special to avoid? I.e. should I donate a pint to keep RBC down, etc

Did you ever consider it was your E2 out of control causing your attitude? Think of a woman ovulating with her E2 up in the 400’s. Yes E2 is a big mood swinger esp if your SHGB is low then you are flooded with free E2 and no SHGB to bind it up.

Do you know your SHGB and E2 on your TRT dose of 168? Do you currently take an AI on injection day?
My TRT script is 150 TC/w when I doubled it for my first blast I felt no difference. I did bloods 6 weeks in and doubled my AI to get my E2 down from 150 to about 75 for the remainder of the blast.
My next blast was 400 but after 2 weeks I bumped it to 500 and I was finely able to tell something was happening. I did have to take .5mg anastrozole twice a week on shot day.

HTH good luck.

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Man, never considered this. Sucks I tossed my anastrozole because it ended me up in too many problems.

Were you able to still see gains with your E2 at 150?

No i felt no different than my 150 TRT dose. Here were my bloods 6 weeks into doing 300mg/w of T cyp. Sorry I miss spoke my E2 was only 125. After this test I doubled my AI and lost the moon face water weigh. But my strength was the same.


The trick with anastrozole is you really need micro doses. Those 1mg pills suck. Quarters is the best you can do if you cut them. then you at least have ~.25mg. Everyone responds different to AI.
The biggest mistake I keep reading on these types of forums is guys take too much and they don’t wait long enough for it to work so they take more and even more and end up crashing their E2 then spend the rest of their lifes bashing the drug when it was their fault all along. Find a lab that can sell you micro doses. .125mg is my script and they are perfect. Good luck

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  1. I used to let it taper out of my system test myself a month off gear and 2 weeks before doctor time to make sure I’m on the right track. Now I have a doctor that only does blood work if I ask for it.

  2. I use it year round. It helps my libido and increases semen volume that makes sex overall much better

  3. This happened to me recently, found EQ at 600mg/week make me feel like absolute dog shit. I took a break until I got back to normal, then started reintroducing it slowly at a lower dose. Only took 1 week off to feel normal again, took another week off to get my blood levels down a bit more before pinning again. A big benefit of short esters is you don’t have to wait that long to feel better if things go south.

  4. Donate after cycle if your blood cells are elevated enough. No need to donate during cycle or they will just rise again almost immediately. Watch out for E2 symptoms. If libido tanks, it’s enough to warrant 1mg arimidex. I need 1mg E3D to keep my libido up on a 500mg/week cycle. Other things to watch out for that require an AI are acne, bloating, mood swings, prostate swelling (needing to pee a lot with less volume)

I didnt say its needed to grow - i said, i believe that is optimal dose and Dave Palumbo also said that. Im also talking GOOD and impressive gains for years, not cycling 200mg and then shrinking back down on PCT, just to have nothing to show for after 10 years.
Just different approaches - i dont see the point of steroids just to walk around like average Joe.
I understand the appeal of super-low doses but most people i see here(you havent even uploaded a picture of your impressive gains) who take low doses, do not look any different than those people who havent taken any at all.
I understand the risk to reward principle but when the reward is close to zero, risks are too high no matter what.
Shutting yourself down just do add 5lbs of muscle for 3 months while on cycle, just to lose it all after a PCT and a few months off(taking you are above natural limit because there is no reason to take drugs to gain what you can gain naturally anyways) just doesnt make sense.
In a way - the lower dose the better, but when you dont gain shit, any dose becomes more risk than reward.

For first cycle, every forum and every thread here will tell you tap out at or before 500mg. I did that my first. Second was up to 700mg and felt no different than 500mg, or even TRT dose for that matter. The agression you are talking about you are likely confusing with other AAS like Tren or NPP. Test isn’t automatically associated with mood disturbances, however the other two are. I have not taken a gram but I can see how easy it would be to do if you don’t have negative sides. I’d prefer to add other compounds I just don’t have any I like or that fit with a short time frame for TRT bloods. In regards to prepping for bloods, I’d stick to stopping your blast at least five weeks out. I’ve done four and it’s not quite enough, I believe test has a 35 or so day clearance window. I typically have elevated HCT so I give blood the week before my blood test.


Any thoughts on using HCG at all? Would there be any purpose?

Also what can I expect for effects on my sex life from a blast? I won’t be using an AI.