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How much T-2 is too much?

I have a friend that is doubling the T-2 amount (6 a day.Sometimes one every 3 hours and sometimes 2 three times a day.Needless to say it’s working awesome but how dangerous is this?Is it hard on the heart as well as thyroid?He is also using a basic ECA stack at the normal recomended dose.Thanks

I have had no problem doubling up on the T2. It works well with md6 and you can bag the eca stack. The md6 helps burn the tough fat off the gut. Take it on an empty stomach and then go do your cardio. Wait up to one hour after the cardio before eating. It will show results fairly quickly. Peace

I believe Brock said doubling the dosage was safe if you feel no ill effects, but you may check the search engine for his postings.