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How Much Strength/Muscle Will I Lose on a Big Diet?

@alex_uk Thanks, I knew most of that stuff but I don’t know if I believe in vitamins. Do you really need them if you’re eating the right things? Another thing to add is my terrible anxiety, according to my therapist who’s educated on how anxiety effects the body, it causes your cortisol levels to be all messed up which does something to your body and it makes your test levels dip down, I see many things about this from scientific websites to. Also being 60 pounds overweight as I am can effect your test levels to a shocking degree, with some men doubling, or more, their test levels after losing that kind of weight. Also my stomach has been big and bloated as helllll my whole life so just the gut issues alone, outside of the bodyweight, can be fucking up my test levels, so I have many things to fix in hopes of higher test levels, I realize 260 ng/dl is disturbingly low for a 21 year old man.

@JamesBrawn007 Well like I said, the people on the diet have mentioned that any cravings outside meat or dairy stop after a couple months or so. That mindset of “oh I need this food in my life” is just a mindset, there’s more to life than food.

If you’re eating a perfect diet no, they’re not necessary, no one eats perfectly, they’re cheap and easy and whilst they won’t make up for crappy diet they might give a small increase and if that is cumulative with the rest of the changes and improves you overall it’s worth it.

Even if you double your T that’s still quite low, but would be back in normal reference ranges and as long as you’re fit and well it doesn’t matter!

Sounds like you’ve got a lot to work on starting with diet, wouldn’t worry about strength, when you’re healthy you’ll easily surpass previous strength levels!

Lol, only double? That’s JUST from the weight loss. You’re not accounting for my fucked up hormones due to the gut issues, the constant severe anxiety, the lack of muscle from such a poor diet and only one year of bad training progress in the gym (lots of it was high reps and no barbell work). I also only trained upper body because I didn’t train my legs due to my back issues so I could see leg training adding in much more muscle to. I could see my test levels at 700 + super saiyan god vegito at the end of this.

I know this is going to come across as harsh but I will just say it…

You wasnt strong before with a 1 rep max of 220lb so I wouldn’t worry about not being strong any more.

Loss the weight and live better, no one cares about your bench 1rm, neither should you.

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I wasn’t trying to appear strong, literally knew I’d get this reply from somebody. I came on here before some years ago asking about stuff and literally of like three posts I made there was some guy commenting “you aren’t strong” on all of them and then acting like he had to bring it up for some reason. Dude, being 100% honest with you when I say, comments like these along with your bodybuilder bulging back picture make you look like you’re really insecure and need to show how strong you are to everyone, and you just gotta show how weak the guy is who benches 220 to show your superiority, its really cringey and pathetic. I realize you’re trying to disguise this post of “you weren’t strong” with some useless advice after it, but you’re not fooling anyone.

That’s very naive, my friend. I’m sure you’ll admit that. I’m not knocking you. I genuinely wish you luck on that diet and, have already stated, have done it myself and would recommend it to others.

Whats naive? Thinking you don’t need food to be happy? Alright, to each their own I guess. I’m a food lover x 10,000, but I think its true, I mean look at nature and animals and tribes way out in nowhereland. People adapt to their surroundings and there’s happy people all over the world, no matter what they eat. I will say nutrition/eating for your mental and physical health does in fact matter, but for taste, not necessary, and if you disagree, I’m fine with that but I think if you need certain tasting foods/alcohol to be happy, you have serious underlying issues in your life. Not trying to be a dick, just being honest. I gained 70 pounds in 18 months from constant bullying at my job and other issues. I used to be 160 pounds up until I was 19 years old.

Ha ha, that’s hilarious.

Your doubting losing weight and living a healthier life because you want to keep your 220lb bench?

Mind blown.

Oh just so you know I doubt I bench much more than 220lb. It’s you who cares about how strong you are, the insecurities are with you.

Yes that’s why your entire main comment in this thread was about how I’m not strong and why you’re reacting so severely to my reply calling you out for being a cringey “insecure about his manhood” douchebag. Its me who’s insecure, posting pictures of my crappy looking back muscles (or your crappy looking back muscles in this case), to my bodybuilding website profile and coming into threads of people asking for advice just to write “lol u weak” comments.

No, that’s not what I said. I don’t want to lose all my gains, I want to be in shape for functionality, its good for my back, good for mental health, and I also want to do sports. I was saying I don’t want to lose ALL my gains, I said that again when replying to someone stating I’d be fine with losing some amount of strength. I only mentioned my bench press because I don’t know what my deadlift or squat are since I have tons of lower back issues and can’t give a number since I can’t currently do those exercises. I love how I call you out and you get all emotional and sarcastic, haha, pretty clear I hit a nerve when I brought up how hard you try to appear strong. Nice chatting, bud. Also its you’re not your, maybe spend less time in the gym and more on the books so you can know basic first grade English big boy.

You have no gains to lose. You admitted you’re superfat. You admitted you have no strength. You admitted you’re looking for a quick fix. You admitted you have a habit of quitting.

You’ve gotten plenty of advice to set you on track, but you’re bitching about it, lashing out and trying to troll people who’ve helped. I have no patience for this bullshit. Go away, apply some effort, by the time you come back you should’ve gotten some halfway decent results.


Colucci steps in and kicks butt!

Come on, man. @kd13 isn’t making fun of you, he’s giving you some advice on how to prioritize your goals. His point, like @Chris_Colucci just posted, is there’s nothing to lose (boom, pun) by going after your fat-loss goals.

I also think you can’t blow off @JamesBrawn007’s point about food choices/ diet also being mental and then immediately post the below:

While I’m on that, I don’t think this is going to be a useful mindset for you. I’m not saying people should bully you, and I’m not saying it’s not a stress. However, what you wrote is not true. You gained weight from exceeding your caloric requirements. The bullying and other issues certainly were factors that led you to overeat, but I think you’ve got to own the responsibility. That helps you understand your own norms, the process, and own the next steps and your future results.

None of this is to come down on you, but us older folks have seen some of these leading indicators for failure before…


Ok. Good.

Be honest. Make a list of the things you’re willing to do to accomplish your goal.

Then go do them.

That is literally all it takes.

Oops. Oh well. Maybe he’ll stop back and read it later.

Well that’s pretty funny. I’m not sure what part of my post was emotional and sarcastic.

Now that pricks gone, let’s all look at my bulging back muscles…

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Is there something that tells you he’s been kicked off?

Yeah if you click on his name buddy.

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Kd13’s back- natty or not :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: