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How Much Strength Loss from Cutting Weight


How much (estimated percentage) would you expect to see of a loss in strength when cutting from 242lb to 220lb?


I wouldn't expect to see any. How would it be helpful to expect to get weaker?


Just do what Matt Kroc does the night before a meet and you'll be fine.


Oh, P.S. - You might not wake up if you do what he does.


There's no real way to predict. It depends on a ton of factors such as body composition, strength levels, diet, cardio or conditioning work, anabolic use or lack of use, etc..... Even with all those factors taken into account, it seems to vary by individual for no apparent reason. Some people seem to be very sensitive to weight loss even if they do everything "right", while others seeem to be able to lose fat and maintain strength very well.


You also have to consider over what duration is this "cut" going to take place? If it's a rapid loss to make a weight class, would someone be more likely to lose more strength than if they did it over a long period of time?


The consensus I have seen when this topic comes up is that in the short run, weight loss hurts bench the most and deads the least, with squats somewhere in the middle. I have heard that weight loss may actually improve deadlift leverages if the weight loss is from mostly fat.

I'm about to find out. I am going from a 242 to 220, and maybe farther, but I am a fat fucker so I am hoping not to lose too much strength on the way down. I'd like to get to about 205 to 210 and hold for reasons related another sport, but then eat up to 220 for PL meets.


This cut has taken place over the course of 3 months. My lifts are down about 5% during that time.


Do you know about how much was lean and how much was fat that you lost? 5% is about what I'd expect on the way down. Was the strength loss equal on all lifts?


I lost 51lbs between july and october and the only thing that suffered was my bench. I kept track and the difference was only 3%. That could have also been from not training it as hard because I was only getting ready for a DL meet. So, my opinion, dont lose weight like a dumbass and you wont lose any strength.


That's is something......three pounds of bodyweight a week for sixteen weeks without any strength loss. Impressive! I am just curious...if that was indeed the case; why were you carrying around the extra fifty pounds?


I actually lost about 16 the first week. then about 12 the second, then it slowed down considerably and I had to try about 4 different carb cycling routines until I started dropping weight again. Also, it was only 15 weeks and it was 51 pounds. Strength didnt really show at the meet because of a nagging hamstring injury but I still smoked a 750 deadlift at 229. By the time the meet started a day later, I was already back up to 255lbs.

I was carrying an extra 51lbs because everyone on Earth is so concerned about being a fitness pussy and having a 6 pack that the art of strength training is slowly dying. Someone has got to stay big and be strong. So, the real question is, why arent you carrying around an extra 50lbs? By the way, the meet was in October and I am already back up to 270 because I am not a fitness pussy.


Looks like a hit a nerve! Not my intention. I have been a competive powerlifter since 1989. At 48 my best days are in the rear view mirror, however; I have gone 3X+/BW single-ply SQ & DL in several weight classes. I get the whole carring extra weight, and continue to do it to this day. It is the only way I could have gone from 160 to 235+ compteting weight. I 'feel you' STB, when a lifter has a 90 min. workout and 60 are spent on 'core' there is a problem. I see it all the time. However, many are carrying around an extra 50 without a clue how to put it to good use; and everyone with visible abs is not a pussy. If that's your deadlift with a hamstring issue, and you can move your bodyweight like that from weigh-in to the platform; you have it going on. Best of luck, I look forward to following your results.


Are you sure you got weaker? Or maybe your gear just fit looser?


as others have said, I don't really think you can quantify how much strength you'll lose. Unless you're talking about just dropping water for a weigh in, moving from 242 ro 220 it's going to be close to impossible to make this move without losing SOME muscle...how much depends on too many factors.

My bodyweight has been floating between high 230's to mid 240's and I consider myself a 220 lbs. lifter. Over the past month I've been working on trying to tighten everything up and position myself where I can easily make-weight without too many complications and while I'm definitely dropping some fat and looking leaner, the first thing I noticed was my bench has stalled when it was climbing like hell.