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How much Strength Gain?

Hi, im just a curious passerby who only comes here to read AD. But despite all the threads i seem to read about roids or articles… i never actually see a figure fot strength increase. For example… my 6 week cycle on x roid and my bench was up 10kg, deadlift up 20kg etc.

But what i do hear lots of is “my weight went up 10lbs”. i often think to my self… why would you care? surely the three things that matter are size, bodyfat and perhaps what i would consider most important, strength gains. if weight incrase is all you’re after, then eat chocolate bars all day.
What would a 6-8 week cycle of t-bol or d-bol as a lone product do for strength gains?
What would a full blown cycle be like?
what about PH, or DS?

indulge me ;]

In my first cycle (10week t enanthate + winstrol + proviron) my BP went from 135 1RM to 135 5RM

After the cycle and the PCT and in hypocaloric my BP is still at 135 4RM

In my current cycle (VAR+TBOL) my BP does’t change. However my Military press went from 90kg 1RM to 90kg 3RM in 3week…