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How much sodium?

This may be a dumb question, but I know you wanna keep sodium pretty low, but how low do you want it to be? This is for daily intake.

I wouldn’t worry about the actual grams of sodium you take in a day. Of course, b/c everyone’s different based on evolutionary past and activity level, heat, humidity, etc of environment. What you should concern yourself with is the ratio of K+:Na+. You’d probably want to keep it in the range of >600:1. I’ve read that our anscestors (hunter-gathereres) took in a ratio of near 5000:1

So just make sure you’re taking in way more potassium (K+) than sodium and the balance will fine.


You don’t want your sodium intake to be too low. Sodium is actually very important to the body, as are other minerals.

Don’t restrict your sodium. This is a very commen misconception. I suggest you actually keep your sodium intake high.

As far as maintaining a balance in your diet between sodium and potassium, don’t worry about that either. Your body will take care of that balance itself.

Do a search on sodium. Joel and myself have both posted on this subject.

Thx alot guys…I really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: