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How Much Sleep?

For a few years now, after finally being able to get off a TON of medications, my sleep is typically 0100/0230-0400/0600.

Since starting training, even if I do 2/days, it’s not changed. Have intentionally tried to fatigue myself into being able to sleep even6 hours but to no avail.

The question is, how much sleep is optimal and should I consider something to make me sleep?

You see, due to opiate pain medicines, I existed in a recliner or in bed from '02-'15, and dammit, I feel good now and almost detest rest. But, it is necessary for the body so I need to determine a nightly goal.

Thanks for comments.

Wow, if I don’t get at least six hours a night I’m dragging, and seven for me is normal. I assume you’ve talked about this with your doctor?

Nooo, no talk with doctor. All of them are just too anxious to prescribe medications, even my PCP who is the only Doc I trust.

I can’t say I feel very tired after the amount of sleep I get. I just wake up & get up quick as I do. Laid around too much for too long. But, if it is something I need to work on in order to reach goals in the gym, I need to see about some natural stuff. Wife uses Melatonin, but I don’t recall trying that.

ZMA put me out when I took it back in 98-99, but that’s not why I was using it, and some of that may have had to do with the amount of “work” I did at my job and the gym adding up. No way to know.

So if anyone has natural sleep stuff recommends, and it is necessary, I’d like to know specifics.

Otherwise, can’t say I care a whole lot about how much sleep I get. Figure if the body really needs it, it will shut down and take it. Until then…

Thanks for the reply!

You won’t see a doc, but you’ll seek the input of a bunch of strangers on the internet? C’mon, man. Find a fellowship-trained sleep specialist in your area.

You always have the option to simply say ‘no’ to any suggested pharmaceutical interventions.

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@EyeDentist never understood why guys do this?

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Yep, I’ll look for ppl who have successfully evaded the medical ppl first every time. Just seen too many dr’s, been hospitalized too many times, and prefer to never use prescription meds again.

Tried melatonin and it works! Slept over 6 continuous hours two nights in a row, the most for nearly a year. Should’ve asked my wife first :confused:

109 years ago, nobody had regular blood work but the population was quite hardy overall. Then go back to the 1799’s and…

Ya all take care!


Since sleep is so important for muscle growth, I wanted to handle this issue. Have succeeded by taking 15-20mg of melatonin a few hours before I want to sleep,

My wife has used melatonin for years but takes it just before bed versus my two hours prior and it works for her. So I guess the timing is an individual thing. Am pleased to have gotten results with a natural supplement!

Just thought I’d post this because I can’t imagine I’m the only person who has struggled to get some rest. I’m typically sleeping 0100-0830, which ok, another 30-90 minutes would be better, but I’ll take this.