How Much Should I Weigh at 5'3.5

More important than your age is your training age. How long have you been training? Most elite guys that I know have at least 10 years of steady focused training. In other words if you have been training for less than 5 years you are a young guy and you just need to eat and train. Don’t worry about the elite total yet. You are strong and your time will come but first you have to put in the work.

As far as your weight goes. Don’t be a tub of lard but I wouldn’t worry too much about weight at this time. Eat, train, get stronger and let the chips fall where they may.

Cutting from 165 to 148 is going to kill your strength and you will likely feel like crap the day of the meet. Get in a few meets and talk to some powerlifters. Find a group to train with because their knowledge will be invaluable.