How Much Should I Take?

i have hopefully a quick question… unfortunately due to financial strain, i really cant afford Flameout here at Biotest, although someday i would really like to try it. anyway, because of that i am forced to buy huge supplies of it at sam’s club.

the stuff i get is a mixture of fish oil, flaxseed, borage, and safflower. the nutrition facts looks like:

Serving Size 1 capsule
Fish oil 800 mg
EPA 180mg
DHA 120mg
Borage Seed oil 50 mg
GLA 11 mg
LA 18 mg
OA 7 mg
Flaxseed Oil 200 mg
ALA 75 mg
LA 18 mg
OA 21 mg
Safflower Oil
CLA 140 mg
OA 15 mg

my question is: how many should i take a day? i was taking probably 10 regular fish oil capsules a day, i really need it for my back/joint issues. any input would be great guys, thanks in advance!

Why you taking a shit mix if all you want is fish oil? Go to your department store and look at fish oil tabs, i found one with 530mg of DHA/ capsule at my store, really cheap too. Course that probably says somthing about the quality…

Yeah those ones look like they have too much other shit in them. You can buy regular FISH OIL pills anywhere.

What I did when I made a similar move; due to finances, was I bought fish oil and then figured out how many I’d need to take to match the #'s in Flameout.

Figure out if that is worthwhile from your point of view.

I buy Sam’s club’s Omega Fish Oil pills, they do have the Fish Oil only pills you know. If you end up buying those I would suggest taking between 10-20 b/c of how low the dha/epa is in each pill. No matter what fish oil you take you need atleast 3g total of epa/dha or more…something to consider when taking these products…

I agree with the others on just getting the fish oil pills. I get the fish oil pills from Costco with 400 soft gels in the bottle. My dog eats one twice a day with her meals. I also take at least 12 a day or more depending on whether I work out that day or not.

I wouldn’t say the pills you mentioned are bad, but they are not going to give you the same benefits as the fish oil only pills, in my opinion. I take a similar pill, 3/6/9 with less ingredients than the one you listed, one pill three times a day. But for inflammation and pain management I rely on the fish oil pills.